On & Off the wagon!

So I haven't really got much to report from the past week as it has been pure recovery from Jo's hen do! 

Last weekend my self and Jo took a road trip to the Big One North fitness event where Jo was presenting in Barnsley! It was a full day packed with dance classes so as you can imagine I was in my element! I could feel the difference in my fitness from last year to this year. I managed to join in every class bar the first one due to Parry Taxi's collecting me late ;)! Only joking, it was a late night the evening before plus Jo was not presenting first thing.

Big One North and SQUAT challenge

char 1.jpeg

It was a fantastic day and we did manage to eat clean throughout the day! In the evening all the presenters and some participants from the day headed to Browns in Leeds City Centre for a lovely dinner, I did cheat and have fish and chips but the batter didn't settle on my stomach well, but I drove so there was no drinking which was good! 

char 3.jpeg

So Sunday was a chill day and an opportunity to catch up on sleep. Once up then Lee and I headed off to watch Sheffield Steelers first Ice hockey match of the season at the arena! It was fantastic! All the adrenalin and excitement definitely burnt off the calories from the evening before it was fab. The atmosphere was brilliant and I just loved it. Afterwards we were naughty and headed to the Carvery…yum! I did have a lot of vegetables but also a lot of roast potatoes which again my tummy decided to reject, slowly does it on introducing the potatoes again. So that was the weekend, gone too quickly once again.

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Back onto it now! I have been fab since Monday with food and exercise , back into dancing and workouts and also one of mine and Jo's close friends Stacey Jacques who may I add is an amazing instructor  in the Sheffield area, has set up a squat challenge on Facebook for 30 days which I have also been following! It is seriously gruelling BUT so worth it! Check out Stacey on Facebook she will get you involved in the SQUAT hype!! 

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The girls have had a great kick start to the week with Mission Clean and Lean with there new program- Autumn Awakening, for more information check out www.misssioncleanlean.com for more details.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and weekend! It will be a chill one for me as I now have no free weekends till November!!! Busy, Busy, Busy! 

And remember Eat Clean, Stay Lean!!!! :)