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Afternoon MCL family, it is 2 weeks since my last confession...and I have NOTHING to confess, I have been an angel. If you believe that, then you need your head testing! 

No seriously, I have been pretty darn good and as Nina Simone would say “I’m Feeling Good” der da der da der da der....

So, 2 weeks ago I was in a right pickle, or my liver was after over-indulging at my friend’s hen weekend plus other antics with work events and I felt like a bag of poop. It is amazing how quickly you can turn it around and get back on the straight and narrow. My body was craving all things healthy and so Monday 2nd September I started in the right frame of mind to get back to basics.  


I TOLD Chris (this is how determined I was) to get rid of everything that could be of harm to me (except the emergency Freddo’s of course) and that I was going to be a good girl and that he was not allowed to mention the W word (Wine) and C (Chocolate) in my presence. I am lucky that Chris is a bit of an exercise fanatic too so helps me to keep focused but usually by Thursday evening he suggests the W word which can be hard to say no to but after the last few weeks I seriously was not interested in touching a drop!

The first couple of days I think I was drying out and probably sweating wine out of my system at the gym in the spinning classes.  It was interesting to notice that I didn’t have the headaches that came with the first couple of times I cut out sugar, toxins etc. This is probably down to the fact that on the whole I do eat clean and lean but have the occasional “blip” ....  I did 2 fasts during the week and by Saturday 7th I felt great and was sleeping like a baby.

Vent Fitness Day, Steph, Tracey & Michelle

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I had an all day fitness event to go to on Saturday 7th and went with 2 other MCL superstars Steph and Michelle. I had never met Michelle before but now I feel like I have known her forever. We have done a couple of 21 days together and shared tales of woe and joy on our results. It was so lovely to meet for the first time face to face rather than via FB and I am sure we will be in regular contact now for other events and motivating each other, especially as she is a bit of a stepsista like myself :). It was a great day and then Saturday night  I went out for dinner with Chris, managed 1 glass of wine as my “cheat” and proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa at 9.30!! I told you I was sleeping like a baby......

Step Sista Michelle and I .... STEPAHOLICS! 

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I had the “bride to be” and future hubby around Sunday for dinner and I made us all a roast dinner (did have small roast potatoes and a yorkshire) and chocolate brownie oops but I had been to the gym in the morning so figured I could have a wee “cheat” but apart from that all week I had been sooooo good and when I got on the scales Monday morning I had lost 5lbs!! Whoop whoop I will take that thank you very much!

Work is really busy but I am making sure I have some ME time and scheduling in gym breaks, I go spinning twice a week before work as well as 2 lunchtime’s sessions and both days at the weekends.

I hosted a table at Lords last week as my company sponsored the Ashes and it was a very nice occasion. I managed to avoid drinking copious amounts of wine but I did have a glass to be sociable with my guests and then drank lots of sparkling water instead.  It was quite amusing sitting back and watching everybody else, although it was a late night for me, I am sure there were a lot of people who woke up feeling more than tired the following day haha!

At the Lords

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By the end of last week I was still feeling good about myself, however, it is that TOM and so Thursday night when I got home I was craving the C Word. Chris pointed out to me that I had told him to avoid the W and C word but when I turned into the Chucky bride he allowed me a Freddo to calm me down, it is amazing how the little things can affect you!!!!

Friday I was taken to the theatre and dinner by my bruv’s girlfriend Steph and my mum, as a present for my birthday a few months ago.  We saw the Jersey Boys and had a lovely bottle of fizz but apart from that I am still finding that alcohol is not on my radar and I am hoping that this continues over the 7 days at least as it is my friends wedding next weekend and I need to get into a rather tight fitting dress, so the plan is to eat clean and introduce the HIIT this week for a final push. I am also in the middle of the squat challenge that Jo signed me up for, and currently at 140 squats and I can feel the burn!

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So I hope all of you have had a good couple of weeks, but if you haven’t and things have slipped a little, it is not too late to sign up for another 7 or 21 day plan.  It is more than a diet, it’s a feel good way of life and whilst I want to keep in shape and fancy losing a little bit more, I am finding that eating well and training is making me a much happier person, except of course when Chris hides the Freddo’s.......

Catch up in 2 weeks when I WILL have buns of steel and I WILL feel amazing in that dress next weekend.....

T xxx