Evie's Tip: Cheap meat & fish, AVOID AVOID AVOID!


Buying pre-packed battery chicken is never going to taste good, so no matter how much the buy 10 for £2.50 draws you in AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. 

These animals have been fed antibiotics and goodness knows what else to make them fat and keep disease down, do you really want to take that into your body? I know organic meat is hard to get and expensive but go to your local butcher and fishmonger honestly I have fallen even more in love with cooking now my food tastes so much better with better products. 


Never be scared to ask your fishmonger if you can smell the fish, fresh fish is never fishy!  Plus if you buy something new, ask them how to cook it; I’ve become besties with my fishmonger over the ‘how do I cook it?’ conversation!

 So the tip this week is use the best you can get your hands on, great ingredients = a great plate of food: simple.