How time flies when you are having fun!

So work wasn't too hectic towards the back end of last week but the last two days have certainly made up for that. One of the best things that I learned from MC&L is that, as busy as I am, I can still eat clean throughout the day and either do 20/30 minutes HIIT training before work or after work. I can fit it in and it gives me a fantastic sense of drive for the day ahead. A positive, focussed start to the day definitely encourages clean eating.

So Friday was here again and we headed to Lee's family party where I drove so I didn't drink. I also stayed away from the buffet cart which was fine but I think Lee's family members whom I haven’t met before wondered why I was only drinking water and not eating! So I decided to explain my journey and storey so far about my clean eating and healthy lifestyle and coincidently educated them on MC&L. We later headed to the cinema to watch Insidious 2 where I resisted the 'pic n mix' kiosk and just stuck to the water?!

char and lee.jpeg

Saturday morning was a chilled one before I headed to Sheffield to see my best friend Jodie and her son (my godson) George. Jodie has previously completed an MC&L plan and its great to see Jodie still cooks the food we were advised to eat in the detox, plus she serves the children the same clean food. George enjoyed chicken, sweet potato and green vegetables which was fantastic to see! After a lovely lunch I headed home to spend the evening with Lee where we watched X -factor and enjoyed a pizza. Picture this, it’s a classics, Lee is representing MC&L in my MC&L hoodie as he answers the door to the Dominos pizza man, just brilliant! But I LOVED the pizza, it was just what I needed!


So finally Sunday! 24 hours till I was back to the grind! So again I chilled on Sunday morning, we watched a film in the afternoon and finished the day off by eating a huge carvery at the Village hotel! I had a few too many roast spuds and waffles but.... Hey ho! YOLO! 

I have another mad social weekend coming up so hopefully I will be ale to stay clean with food and just enjoy drinks! 


Short and sweet this week but I hope everyone has a great week and just to give you a heads up there is a 7 day Autumn Awakening starting again Monday, so check it out and jump on board  

Catch you all soon!

Love Char xxx