Evie's Tip: All salt is equal but some is more equal than others

Salt is essential for your body to function correctly; simply put we cannot live without it. Today I want to bring to your attention to the massive differences between refined and natural salts.

The picture below shows 3 types of salt. The furthest to the right is free flowing table salt; a powdery pouring salt that is full of chemicals to stop it clumping, reading the label I see it has ‘hexacyanoferrate II’, now I don't know about you but if I can’t say it I’m not sure I want to eat it! This common table salt has little in common with natural salt. There will be no suggestion for this as we simply do not need it. 

The second is a 100% course sea salt which is better for you and wonderfully complements olive oil when grinded onto a salad.

Then we come to the 3rd, Maldon Sea Salt from Essex, which in my opinion is the king of salt when it comes to making your food fantastic. Maldon, which comes in smoked too, is soft crunchy 100% natural flakes that taste of the sea and crumbles nicely when rubbed between finger and thumb.   I’ve just done a taste test of all 3 and can guarantee you it tastes saltier, more like the sea, than the other two meaning you need to use less.  As nutritionist Pat Thomas says: ‘a little bit of natural seasoning won’t kill you, it’s what gets added or taken away that matters.”  

salt 3.jpg

I've been reading a lot about Himalayan Rock Salt (pink crystal rock salt) in clean eating books and on line, it’s claimed that it is the purest salt on earth. Personally I've never had it but I will look out for it when I next need to buy salt. Come on health lovers let’s try and use natural salt, there is so much of it about!

As long as you do not over use it there is no need to worry too much about natural salt in your diet when eating clean. The majority of salt consumed in the western diet is from processed foods, but as we are eating clean and avoiding processed foods we can use it fairly freely in our cooking.  Although if you have a medical condition, such as high blood pressure, you should research from official books and websites or talk to your doctor about how much is healthy for you.