From Wedding chimes to hangover crimes!

Two day’s countdown & it was time for the weekend so I did what I had to, hit the gym, ate clean, fuelled my body with water ready for my friend Laura and her fiancé's wedding! What an amazing day it was! The one problem is I definitely enjoy the rose wine a bit too much!

I decided I was just going to let my hair down and enjoy my self. The food wasn't clean but it was my day off, my cheat meal/day!!!  I have been eating well and training hard!  I had the delicious hot food that had been cooked by the hotel, burgers and sausages were the main menu. Then I ate my choice of 'pic n mix' from the sweet cart! My fave! It was all going so well until someone mentioned the word ‘shots.’ Then the shots came out and I was under pressure to have one, which became two etc…,The next day I wished I hadn't! I so wish I hadn’t.

char 3.jpeg


I really had tested my stomachs patience too much that evening and didn't rise from bed the next day until quarter 4 which was only to pick my car up and eat a subway! It was perfect and I have to say I believe it was my miracle cure! So that evening I headed into Leeds with the girls and just drank water but danced off my subway!

char 1.jpeg


It was the end of the weekend, it had flown by so quick! So I spent the day with my two godsons and Lee at Tropical World in Roundhay which is a large indoor nature park in Leeds. They loved it as did I! After a good mooch around and managing to resist the ice cream van and bad food Lee and I dropped the boys home went home and then it was back to mine to watch X factor and relax!

Char 2.jpeg

Now back to the beginning of the week and it's busy as ever! So roll on the weekend and roll on Mission Clean & Lean’s e-book launch that is approaching fast!  The girls are releasing their first Detox E-book and are super excited as am I for them. So enjoy the rest of your week and speak to you all soon!

Char :)