Evie's Tuesday Tip: Cooking chicken breast

Lots of people say to me that when they cook chicken breast it turns out dry and what can they do to stop that. Well if you’re in that boat you’re not alone; chicken breast can be dry but not if cooked correctly.

Try seasoning with herbs or spices, then wrapping in tin foil and putting in the oven. The foil ensures none of the moisture escapes, but be sure to put it on a wire tray as a baking tray can cause the bottom to go hard because the metal is constantly transferring heat, as opposed to a wire tray or even just the oven shelf, which allows the heat to circulate evenly. 

If you were feeling fancy you could cut a slit in your chicken breast and stuff it before wrapping in the foil. My favorite clean fillings are: tomato, black olive & basil; tarragon, a bay leaf & lemon slices; ham spinach & spring onion and chili ginger & garlic. Try your own mixtures - the possibilities are endless. 


My favourite way to cook a moist chicken breast is on my George Foreman. Pop the seasoned breast on the 'Lean, green grilling machine' (ha-ha I love that slogan) then after a few mins take it off and slice it in half lengthways, re-season and pop it back on middle uncooked side to the grill, so the cooked outside is now in the middle. This super quick way of cooking retains the moisture.

You should try to avoid or just use a tiny amount of salt as it can dry poultry.

Finally once your chicken breast is cooked leave it to settle for a minute or two. We do this because when meat cooks all the juice that’s inside it makes its way to the top during the cooking process. So when the cooking has finished we leave it to settle and allow the juices to go back inside the meat. The same goes for beef steak.