Freddo cravings & fitness weekenders

Apologies MC&L family I am writing this feeling rather jaded but also buzzing from a fab weekend away at a fitness convention.

So, if I was a football commentator I would say it has been a fortnight of 2 halves, the first half being in pretty good shape and looking to score, the second half settling for a draw!!  Basically what I am trying to say is that I have had a relatively good 2 weeks and I am maintaining.

First half - In my recent blog I mentioned I was attending a good friends’ wedding and wanted to fit into a tighter than usual dress.  I had originally bought the size up (I am still finding it hard to convince myself I have lost all this weight) but Chris told me that whilst it looked nice (very diplomatic) it would look better if it was a bit tighter!!  Wow, he was awarded extra brownie points for that remark.  I bought the lower size praying that I could still fit into it a few weeks later after hen do’s etc. With this in mind I focussed on eating clean and sticking to the original 21 day plan (the first 7 day part until the big day) but unfortunately I had a shocking cold and felt under the weather so couldn’t exercise as much as I had hoped but eating was clean.

Chicken creamy pasta

food pic tracey.jpg

I tried Evie Chicken Creamy Pasta - despite a little accident with the courgette, won’t go into details but Chris nearly lost his finger with the new julienne peeler I bought for the cause - it was absolutely delicious, so recommend this and also all of Evie’s recipe’s as the variety helps you keep on track. Whilst I am not a Masterchef in the making, I do like my food and so enjoy the challenge of trying new recipes so I urge everyone to check them out and join the website to give you some fresh ideas.

I was also taken to Langan’s during the week by one of my clients and managed to eat clean, having calves liver with bacon and spinach. Whilst I ate clean, unfortunately I didn’t manage to “drink clean” and suffice to say I had the same trouble as I always do these days after a bit too much to drink and woke up wide awake at 3am tossing and turning and so when the alarm went off for work at 5.30 I felt terrible!  No sympathy required, I never learn!  I managed to fast the next 2 days to get me back on track and the rest of the week passed without any hiccups (of the sober or drunken variety).

The big day arrived and I was so pleased that the dress fitted nicely and had lots of nice compliments from people who I hadn’t seen for a while and we had a lovely lovely day, congrats to Mr and Mrs Cox. I even managed to eat clean at the meal until the dessert came out but it was Saturday and cheat day after all. I also had quite a lot to drink but it was a special occasion so just decided that I was going to enjoy myself, and I certainly did that as I didn’t feel particularly lively on Sunday but it was worth it!

So now it’s the second half, and things have been a little bit wobbly and have to say whilst I am eating clean mostly, I have been giving myself a few treats here and there but nothing out of control ie Freddo’s are back in the cupboard within reach and a few glasses of wine here and there. I went for tapas last week with colleagues and clients and whilst normally I would love that, it didn’t love me and so not sure I will be having that again in a hurry.

Stephanie & Tracey in Fight Klub class

fight klub 2.jpg

I have still had a bit of a cold (meh) and so not ventured to the gym much and work has been extremely busy with long hours (this is a usual thing) and so it was with apprehension I travelled to Bristol Friday for a fitness weekend.  I have to say it was fantastic and I took part in lots of classes with some fabulous presenters (our very own Jo P) and had a fab time.  


Whilst I have been doing these events for a number of years, since being MC&L I have found I have so much more energy and focus to take part in the classes and my concentration on the choreographed elements is pretty good, even if I do say so myself and at my age!!

Michelle and Tracey

tarcey and michelle.jpg

The final whistle is about to go, so will sign off by saying that it has been a busy 2 weeks with some good results. I am also at Day 29 of the squat challenge!  Looking in the mirror I cannot see that my butt looks likes J-Lo as yet and so I can but dream, however, I am going to give myself a pat on the back as I managed to do 240 today after the whole weekend of exercising. I am walking rather gingerly and think it might take a stannah chair lift to get me to bed!

This is a tired T signing off BUT I have signed up for the 7 day Autumn Awakening starting this week and I am sure that this will have me feeling energised again very very soon...the cupboards have been cleared of Freddo’s because I ate them all when I got back from today oops!!

Catch up in 2 weeks and hope will see some of you on the group soon

T xxx