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Back in the game!

So my head is back in the game and it seems many other people are starting 2014 in the same away. 

It's currently day 9 and it's the evening before our intermittent fast (it sounds painful but is actually the easiest thing I have done as you are sleeping for most of it!).  My other half has just cooked from scratch clean homemade turkey burgers for us which were amazing thanks to the recipe guru of clean & leans Master foodie  Evie Brogan! It felt like I was eating a burger but it was perfectly clean and there was not a bad piece of food on my plate  A-MAZING! If you check out there are plenty more of these recipes on the blog page or you can purchase the E-Book. These recipes and ideas are just fantastic! 

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So after 5 days into the detox the great sense of achievement for me was going to the cinemas and not getting a pic and mix as that is one of the most favourite things ever so I was very happy with myself and opted for some dry cranberries instead! Also the day later I could see a great change in my fitness and couldn't believe how fast it had come back. I managed to do my workouts on Saturday as well as a 4 mile run with my partner and though we were in a lot of agony the next day when we woke up, we still managed to get on the bikes and go on a bike ride for an hour. I have to say that wasn't as enjoyable as the run as I came off my bike into the entrance of a horse field that was full of horse manure! So it's safe to say I was covered in it and smelt of it for what seemed like forever! So for any of you taking a bike ride this weekend, watch where you are going! 

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Now most of you know what I think about MC&L, but a good friend who I have known for a long time Louise has written below about her MC&L experience as a young adult living the high life in London. Louise has also attached a picture of her weight loss which is amazing, so enjoy reading and I hope it inspires you to take the mission!

So when I moved to London to start a new career, a new life and to be in a new environment I thought what better time to start a brand new diet plan and try lose some of those Uni pounds I had put on over the last three years........However I never thought it would change my whole lifestyle.

My initial plan was to lose a few pounds to get back into my party dresses, to just feel a bit better about myself when I went out with my new friends in the new city. When I first moved to London I weighed 10 stone 3 pounds and although that may not seem like masses I am only about 6ft 3.5’  and I didn’t look or feel great and something needed to be done!

So I have never been good at dieting, almost terrible as I have a major weakness for chocolate, Chinese takeout and pizza, basically anything that was bad for me. However I thought I could get away with it due to doing a reasonable amount of exercise, but this was not the case. I knew I needed another source, somebody to help me or something to make me do it. That’s where I came across Mission Clean & Lean. I saw my good friend Charlotte had great results so I was instantly hooked knowing a friend of mine had done so well urged me on.

Mission Clean & Lean 21 detox plan was only the beginning after I had completed the 21 day detox I had lost half a stone and was seeing major results so instead of falling back to my old habits I decided to stick to it mid week and be more relaxed at the weekend which is what I have stuck to ever since.  No carbs except sweet potato and brown rice, as many greens as I can, lots of water, I will never have an empty glass of water by my desk at work and NO ALCOHOL mid week!!! I exercise 3 times a week minimum for at least 30 mins a session if not an hour and living in London means I walk every where which has been a massive lifestyle change as before I used to just jump in my car.

So since October till now thanks to Mission Clean & Lean kick starting me into my massive lifestyle change. I have lost in total 1 stone 5 lbs weighing now a healthy and happy 8 stone 12 lbs and I don’t see myself going back! Thanks Charlotte for introducing me to MC&L!

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Thanks Louise for posting about your experience, you are inspiring. So the next 21 day detox starts on Monday 27th January also the Elite Bootcamp detox starts Monday 20th January. So after reading Louise's inspirational experience and seeing her photos I hope you jump on board with the MC&L family and see how you can achieve your own personal goal!

Enjoy the rest of your week and chat next week :) 

Char x