Bikini Blog by Charlotte Carlton

Day 16 in the Mission Clean & Lean house!! (Geordie accent needed there!)

So it's the last and final week of the 21 day detox and it just goes to show that going back to it a year and a half later and it still works. After putting on weight over Christmas and New Year I thought I would re join the group really just for motivation as that is one of the key parts about the plan. The team cohesion is fantastic plus the individual support for each member to achieve their weight loss goal is wonderful and it really pushes you to keep on track and stick with the plan! 

My fitness wasn't at a bad level but I have seen a large increase in it already. Mission Clean & Lean’s very own Jo has been poorly so I offered to cover her street dance class yesterday evening as well as completing my work outs and it was an intense class but I found I was still lively and energetic when the class has finished!  Also at the weekend I did another 6K run with Lee, cutting 4 minutes off our original time which gave us a great sense of achievement, plus I also completed my 2 workouts and went to the gym with a friend. 

image (11).jpeg

A good friend of mine and a fellow MC&Ler Stacey has been taking my self  to her gym to really motivate one another in becoming fit again. I always find training with a partner always helps in motivating me. We have maintained the weight we lost on our original 21 Day Detox by eating clean and also training 20 minutes a day but we are now both focusing on toning up and getting even fitter. Therefore we will continue motivating one another to achieve our goals and from the hard work this week in the gym all I have to say is - no pain , no gain and this quote is very true! 

So after a great weekend socialising and not drinking, which I may add now isn't a challenge for me after doing the detox, I prefer to have a drink on a special occasion as it is more enjoyable I opted for my cheat to be a large pic 'n' mix sweet bag  with Lee on the Friday evening. Sunday was lovely and relaxed sat in front of the fire after the gym with my fruit tea and I have to say chocolate and sweets didn't even cross my mind, so I can tell I have been brain trained again by MC&L.

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So with the final push this week the group are producing great results and still being able to stick to the plan.

If you are interested in joining the MC&L girls on a detox then check out to explore and learn about the different plans on offer. The next 21 day starting on the 27th January! Or if you prefer a shorter plan they have their Valentine ‘Cherish Yourself’ 7 day plan starting on Monday 3rd February.


Well I'm going as I need to get a good nights sleep to wake up and train in the morning.

Have a great week everyone and chat with you all soon :)

Char x