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And so the curtain descends on the first 21 day group for 2014, WOW the results coming through are amazing, however, first of all I need to take you through my last 2 weeks of the 21 day plan which will include a few trials and tribulations and hissy fits so apologies for those who may be easily offended for my sudden outbursts……..


OK, sooooo first things first, my first week went by like a piece of cake, oh my god I just said cake eek!  I lost 3.5lbs and a few inches and I felt great…..there were some much bigger numbers than mine coming through and the average loss must have been circa 6 lbs so well done everyone, however, I am not competitive MUCH :) but I am also realistic and know from previous experiences that my body can be a stubborn mule when it wants to be and that coupled with the fact that I spent a lot of time at the gym including HIIT’s I figured that I had gained extra muscle and was toning up…I did feel like my bum had moved from my knees up towards top of my thighs so something was happening, all positive :)


Healthy Food on the move!

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So I started week 2 a happy bunny, and planned for the week, this is the key, planning your meals so you do not get sidetracked too much.  It is quite difficult for me, as my job means I am out of the office a lot entertaining, including breakfast meetings, coffee catch ups, dinners and nights away so I need to focus and try and ensure I balance accordingly.  All was going really well until I decided stupidly to weigh myself midweek, BIG MISTAKE……my scales showed I had put on 5 lbs overnight and I just felt so deflated and depressed, I could not understand how this had happened as I had followed the plan to the letter, I was furious, downhearted and thoroughly depressed and when I spoke to my other half about how I felt, he was not best pleased.  He felt I was getting obsessed by the scales and not about how I felt in myself, how many inches I lost and also toned I looked…at this point he threw out the scales and told me to just carry on as I was as too many of us are hung up by what pounds we lose rather than what size we are and how many inches we are.  I have to admit, I do not want to lose my curves but the pressure to lose lbs can be ridiculous and we all know muscle weighs more than fat and the fact I am a size 10-12 should be good enough and so this is my key, to maintain my size and to feel good in myself and that is ultimately how I DID feel until I stepped on to those bloody scales mid week…..I just hope he didn't throw them out the window as we live on the first floor of a converted chapel oops!!


So onward and upwards, however, this little episode ended with me then going out for dinner in Manchester eating clean and having a couple of glasses of wine which went straight to my head, cheap date, bonus but I didn't sleep well that night…..will I ever learn!  



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Cheat meal on 2nd Saturday didn’t go so well as I had to entertain 10 guys at a footie match at West Ham for the day and there was NO way I was going to get through that without a drink, it wasn’t even my team, and as we were having lunch at Upton Park it was either Sausage and Mash or Curry and my partner wanted a curry Saturday night so I was left with a bit of dilemma and opted for sausage and mash.  I didn't really eat much of it, but I did manage the lager and wine quite well and so my cheat turned into a bit of a session…..and Sunday I did not feel so full of energy, funny that!!

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As I didn't have my scales I couldn’t weigh in but the exercises had clearly helped as I had lost a bit more in inches and so week 3 again started on a positive note until I woke up Monday morning in absolute agony with the return of my shoulder injury.  I had to book an emergency appointment for physic which cost a bloody fortune in the city and was told that I had worked it a bit too much too soon and so for the rest of the week I couldn’t carry out any of the HIIT exercises which is pretty annoying as these really do help on the plan.  Although I do exercise regularly with spin, running and combat classes, these workouts focus on parts of the body other beers cannot reach, sorry, I mean other exercise classes cannot reach.


I have attempted a number of different recipes in the last few weeks, the group has been absolutely amazing with regards to positive energy, focus and I believe everyone has their rewards and will continue on their journey.  

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I am back to pre Christmas inches now and whilst I have not weighed, I feel toned, energetic and sleeping well.  When I go off piste, my stomach rejects the naughty foods and so whilst I am always going to be partial to the vino, I haven’t craved pasta, saturated fat or bread and this is why I probably feel less bloated at the moment and long may it continue. 


I am very excited to see how the group gets on for the long term and hope to see you all in the main group sharing some more wonderful recipes.  


And so I am signing off, a pretty contented city blogger and will continue to focus on eating clean but also with the realization that the scales are not what it is all about but it’s the inches that count…… girls …


So on that note, keep it clean :) and jump on a group just to keep you motivated if you have fallen off the wagon.  Don’t beat yourself up, it is amazing how quickly you can get back in the zone and feel good.  


See you in 2 weeks

T xxx