Charlotte's blog whilst on the New Year 21 day detox

We are into the last week of the 21 day detox, which actually has only felt like 12 days as it has gone so quick, probably due to enjoying it. As always it has been a fantastic 3 weeks, my skin has completely cleared up, my abs have come back through and I feel much more confident in my appearance again. Writing m blog this morning I am enjoying a yummy smoothie which I was one of my favourite breakfast ideas on the detox. 

Well it was back to a weekend of socialising with a good friend of Jo and mine called Becky and we travelled to Manchester for a lovely evening with clean-ish food and no drink! The restaurant Becky took us too had a fantastic choice of clean food which was so refreshing to see. All in all it was a great evening and we did not stop talking all night!


char 1.jpg


Saturday my family had Mr & Mrs Parry-Ali over for dinner where we enjoyed a lovely lasagne, garlic bread and amazing cakes baked by the lovely Jo herself! It was safe to say there was several food and drink hangovers on Sunday! Saturday was our cheat meal but maybe we took it a little too far! 


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On Sunday evening my self and Lee enjoyed a brilliant domino’s pizza but my stomach didn't like it that evening or the following day as I had terrible heartburn. It just goes to show that cheese and the bread really isn't great for your body especially not if you have steered away form it for a while. The content is too rich and heavy for my self personally.

Monday and it was D-Day! I had put on 1lb from the weekend but I wasn't over worried by that as by Tuesday morning my weight was back to what I had been before the Christmas indulgence, yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo I have also been religiously doing my work out daily which make a HUGE difference. It really shows you can gain results by following the programme even after over indulging.

The girls are currently running two different detox's. The first starts on Sunday 2nd February which is a Beach Ready programme for Dubai residents which I have had a sneaky peak at and is easy and adaptable to living in a warm climate. On the other hand for us Brits in this cold weather there is a 7 day Valentines detox for your sexy and single or luscious and loved up peeps. This plan is perfect for feeling that bit better in yourself for Friday 14th February, so there are some great plans to jump on board with here or overseas. 


This week sees me carrying on eating clean adding some more fibre into my diet for my body to start accepting it again in the correct amounts, which after the 21 day the progress plan is perfect for. I am also still training with my fab friend Stacey and motivating one another in our mission to tone up.

So stay in contact on Facebook , Twitter and share great pictures on Instagram. Also check out for the detox programmes, different recipes from recipe guru Evie and great blogs from my two partners in crime Jo and Tracey.

Have a fab week and will catch up soon! Stay safe.

Lots of love char :)