Super Clean Chicken and Greens Stir Fry by Evie Brogan

Happy New Year to all our lovely readers we hope 2014 is your year. How about instead of a new you be the real you. The you that is in control of your body, diet and exercise regime. We’re here to help get you guys fit and healthy, all you need is your willpower and determination we’ll give you the fitness tips loads of food and body education and answer any questions you might have.

2013 was a great year for me, I travelled a lot, and not always with work, I got to cook with Albert Roux (boo-ya! I'll blog it at some point for the foodie fans out there), plus I 100% gave up diet coke (big move), drank much more water and much less coffee, I gave up counting calories/points and I got to learn some super effective exercises resulting in a 2st loss. I've put 10lb back on but I know how to get that off and that’s why I'm putting this super simple, MC&L classic on the menu today. With so many of you guys doing the detox on Jan 6th, this morning I decided to join you - whoop!  I'll make an effort to post pictures of what I eat for some inspiration to you all in that group!   If you’re not in it there is still time to join us. Click here guys:

Its 2014 the year started with a new moon which is unusual - last time was 14 yrs ago I believe, so new beginnings of us all.  Lets build on the MC&L knowledge, exercises, diet plans and recipes we’ve all been given and in the words of Miss Parry, or should I say Mrs Ali, lets 'av it!!!!!

So today’s dish is exactly the kind of thing I eat on the detox, I tend to go to the shops and buy a load of green veg and lean meat, then when I get it home decide what to do with it, so I guess a lot of you this weekend will be out piling your trolley with greens, with little idea what the end product will be, so just do it - almost everything works in the stir-fry! Plus if you have something you want to use but are struggling for ideas, message me I'll help!

evie foods.jpg


This dish feeds 2. 

I used:

A leek – sliced
A sweet heart cabbage – shredded stalks removed
A green chilli – sliced most of the seeds removed
Ginger – grated (between the size of 20p – 50p)
Garlic, 2 cloves – crushed
Courgette – sliced
Broccoli – cut small-ish
Mushrooms – sliced
2 chicken breast – sliced into strips
Light soy sauce
Coconut oil (of course)

1. Add coconut oil to a pan / wok over a med heat add chicken and seal* 
2. Add the chilli, ginger and garlic with a splash of soy and coat the chicken
3. Then add the veg that takes the longest to cook first and then the rest, so I went broccoli, leek, cabbage, courgette and mushrooms
4. When almost cooked, add more soy and you’re done!*Sealing that means until the outside is cooked – i.e. no raw chicken touches the veg but the chicken inside is still cooking

 I often like to put a lid on my stir-fry’s so they steam and fry.  This is good when were not adding a sugar laden packet sauce as the water from the veggies, is retained in your dish.

final meal.jpg

If you want to add some starchy carbs, add some brown rice, or better still egg fried rice.  Find how to make the egg fried rice here:

If you do down the Indian stir-fry route, remove the soy and add a few Indian spices, cumin, turmeric etc. and a tablespoon or so of water. Then make Jeera rice to go with it. Guys if you’ve not made Jeera rice yet do it! I promise you its amazing!

Wishing you good health, lots of happiness and above all loads of love for 2014

See you Monday for the 21 day detox, if you fancy it, please have a read below.