New Year, New Resolutions by Charlotte Carlton


Hello everyone :) it's great to be back chatting and updating you on what's been going on. Well... As much as I love Christmas - time to relax, enjoy family time, celebrate, drink and eat BUT that's where it went wrong drinking and eating! This is always the worse time of the year for me with exercise and food. I just think it's an excuse to enjoy takeaways with the other half, meals out with family and friends and travelling to visit friends (where there is a lot of drinking involved, and consequently the next day follows with junk food!) 

I have to admit this Christmas I have gained over half a stone in weight but to me it feels like 2 stone! I became so lethargic, hungry all the time and craving sugar and  I couldn't even use exercising as an excuse for being tired! I just kept convincing myself that I was going to eat clean the next day and get to the gym but 3 weeks later that still wasn't happening! 

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So I enjoyed my self Christmas Day with food having battered king prawns and chipolatas for starters, Pork Loin for dinner and no dessert as I knew I had all the chocolate at home. I later polished off one full box of chocolates and crisps with help from my partner whilst watching films. 


On Boxing Day my partner and I were out for the day so we had KFC for lunch and the grease on my lips and the roof of my mouth was just awful and this made me remember why I had stopped eating it! We then got home after a long day and ordered 2 large domino pizzas and it was exactly the same over New Year! We travelled to Edinburgh to visit friends and we had fast food for lunch, pizza for dinner and then more drinking. I knew this had to stop, especially after doing no exercise. I felt yuck and sick and I was so ready for Monday 6th January 21 Day Detox to come around, I was craving clean food! 

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So Monday 6th January it was back to work and back to normality! I have started back on the 21 day detox and hopefully will be back to the weight I was before Christmas. It's great to be sat here with a warm fruit tea and a bottle of water feeling ready and energized for the next day with my healthy meals all prepared! 

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The 21 day detox is full of fantastic clean food ideas, there is a great variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas plus daily work out videos, all this for £49.You are part of a private group with your two mentors Jo and Fern on hand at all times to answer questions, plus great motivation from other members in the group! That is what drives everyone to success, and increases team motivation.

If you do not fancy 21 days then the girls have their 7 Day Bootcamp starting again on Monday 13th January. Check out for more information and testimonials. Please stay in touch via Facebook ‘ Like’ our Mission Clean and Lean page  or follow us on Twitter - @cleanleandetox or share all your amazing photos and tag @cleanleandetox on Instagram!


Stay communicated!

Look forward to seeing some fantastic inspirational results and stories in 2014! 

Good luck!

Love char :)