Stressed in the City by Tracey Harding!

I think I may have spoken too soon in my last blog…..oh man, what a couple of weeks it has been, with some highs and some lows, but it has finished on a high so yeyyyyyy now to refocus.

However, let me cast you back 2 weeks ago when I was coming to the end of the first 21 day detox of 2014, all was pretty good in the city bloggers world. I was feeling energised, focussed and a lot more toned through a shed load of exercising and eating clean.  You will recall I had thrown the scales away so the good news is I cannot weigh myself to depress myself even more at the current time.

So confession time, no excuses, I have fallen off the wagon big style, I have had a pretty difficult couple of weeks at work and have been bringing my work home with me. January is normally a fairly busy time but this January has taken things to a new level, I literally do not believe I have sat at my desk for more than 4 or 5 hours a week for the last 2 weeks. I have been in back to back meetings from first thing in the morning until late at night and I had to deal with some difficult situations and so unfortunately I have been eating on the run during the week when I get the chance and when entertaining clients I haven’t always wanted the healthier option.  

I promised myself this year that I would strive harder for a work/life balance and have a bit more *me* time but the last fortnight hasn’t panned out well for this and in fact I didn't even make the gym last week at all, which in itself upsets me as this is my time to forget about everything and just concentrate on getting through the class without collapsing or being sick…I kinda like that feeling, yes I know, I am weird.

Any how, without depressing you further, I will say that whilst it hasn’t been the best of times at work, I am out the other side and I am not beating myself up about it, instead I am just saying, hey, sh*t happens and tomorrow is another day.  Whilst I haven’t had time to prepare food, I haven’t really eaten too badly, I just seem to have developed a bit of a sweet tooth of late and this is probably down to a few things, one being TOM so c’est la vie, I also blame my father, he has a sweet tooth so it may be hereditary. Either way, it has to stop and so I have given myself another talking too and will try harder to avoid the Freddo’s when I get home at night and make dinner as soon as I get home. Planning is definitely key for me.

tracey 1.jpg

So enough of the lows, on to the highs, one of our MCL ladies got hitched this weekend and I had the pleasure of attending her big day up in Scotland.  I have to say I did the 21 day to get myself on track again but also as an added incentive for morale support for Alica as I know she wanted to look amazing on her big day, and boy did she!  Oh my goodness, she looked absolutely stunning and all her efforts for the run up to the big day paid off, she absolutely shone, and Melv, her man didn’t look so bad in his kilt either :) Chris and I had a fantastic day, despite him saying I looked a bit like Peggy Mitchell (hmmm, he will pay) it was a fitting day for a lovely couple who I am sure will have a very happy future together…..

tracey 2.jpg
tracey 3.jpg

So with romance in the air, I will be getting my self back on track in time for Valentines and for those of you who fancy the valentines 7 day plan, I understand that as well as the plan there are a few useful tips to get you in the mood…. 


I’m signing off on a happy note after an amazing weekend and ready to put the last couple of work weeks behind me and focus on what’s in front of me. I managed to get into my tight fitting dress, albeit with the help of some Bridget Jones style pants, bet Peggy Mitchell doesn’t own a pair of these beauties……haha GET OUT OF MY PUB!!!

See you in 2 weeks……

T xxx