Balsamic Chicken and Veg

When my sister Evie invited me to do a recipe for the blog I though, hey yeah why not and I then I forgot about it. A little reminder in my head crept up now and again for the past two weeks until the night before. I am definitely a last minute, unorganised girl who obviously loves to put herself under pressure!  Now it’s the night before and OMG what the hell can I cook that’s anywhere near as delicious as my sister’s recipes. My mind went blank. . . . . . . .

Having just complete the 21 day detox, 9lb down and 8 inches smaller I really did love reading and trying out everyone’s meals along with the recipes from the cookbook. I am not the best cook but what I can do works. I work full time and with three children it’s just got to be quick and easy. I really loved the courgette and rocket salad that Evie did a few months back and the fabulous slow cooker recipes from my fellow detoxers got me thinking.  Slow Cooked Balsamic Chicken and Veg it is! It couldn't be easier, tastier and best of all you can eat it cold for lunch or even freeze the leftovers. . . .. very pleasing for Evie who cannot barer food waste.

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Spray oil

4 chicken breasts

200ml Balsamic Vineger

2 tsp light soy sauce

2 tsp dried Rosemary

3 peppers (omit red/yellow peppers of only cooking from shopping list)

1 butter nut squash sliced

1 courgette sliced

6 mushrooms sliced

1 red onion sliced

2 garlic cloves crushed

Large handful of kale

Spray the slow cooker with oil and place the chicken breasts inside, season with salt and pepper. 

Leave them whole while cooking as this will stop them from drying out too much.

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Mix together the balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce and dried rosemary in a small bowl (smells devine!)

Prepare all the veg and place in a large bowl. Omit the kale until later

Pour the vinegar mix over the veg and mix well  

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Add the veg with sauce over the Chicken. Don’t worry if it looks too dry as the sauce will go straight to the bottom of the slow cooker.  Leave to cook for as long as you wish stirring from time to time if you can.  Approximately half to one hour before you are ready to eat add the kale and mix well.  Shred the chicken in the dish using two forks.

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 Serve with brown rice or quinoa.  Delicious! 

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I hope you all enjoy trying this winter warmer and tasty leftover dish. This dish can also be done in the oven either as a roasted version or in a casserole dish.

 Audrey x