Bride to Be blogger Jo Telfer is BACK!

"Guess who's Back?  Yes the bride to be, me. And I'm raring to go with my wedding in 6 months time and a crazy 6 months on all fronts that I've left behind me.  This is not my Bride outfit!!!

jo 1.jpg

So, what's been happening with you? I can't believe that it's been so long! I seem to have been spending months trying to avoid cake and carbs! It's been tough let me tell you. My two babies have both seen a birthday, thankfully their birthdays are days apart so as they only turned 1 and 2 we decided a joint party was the answer and only one 'In the Night Garden' 3 tier cake had to be side stepped.


We were lucky enough to attend 4 of our friend’s weddings, more cake to avoid but we'll worth the will power as everyone was majestic and made me very excited and nervous for my own. Christmas was a shocker for me, unlike the usual week of indulging over Christmas and New Year l also had two weeks prior of indulging as we had our family holiday to Cape Verde at the beginning of December. 

jo 2.jpg

Now usually l loose weight there but this time the island ran out of salad for days on end so I had to have something to accompany my meat and fish and I don’t just mean Prosseco! AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!

jo 7.jpg

Then l had a bright idea to ask Santa to bring my littlies baking accessories which in retrospect was a HUGE mistake. I've had to make countless cookies with numerous outrageously scrumptious fillings and sit on my hands to stop me from finishing off the lot. Sometimes l found my will power and sometimes... ... well l failed I'm afraid to say.

jo 6.jpg
jo 4.jpg

So New year = the final touches to becoming me again after two beautiful babies. So, what does that mean...?

 A full on approach to my wedding dress MCL Mission, consisting of no more cookies, or cake, every few days a splash of carbs followed with lashings of exercise. I will be pushing my body through MCL Hit training, personal training sessions and running my fat off. Oh and of course excessive fun exercise, muddy puddle jumping with my two. If I can run 9km in the sleet and hailstones over the moors then a few puddles in the pouring down rain is not going to stop me. Weather in England can not be an excuse for me this year. If we stayed inside every day it rained or was windy would we ever get out? In fact, pass me the hoopla hoop l wonder if l can jump and hoopla at the same time as jumping? This week's challenge Perhaps? 

jo 3.jpg
jo 5.jpg

 So let's begin my next six month journey and I am not just crossing my fingers in hope to get there. It's time to step up my game and make the body l want back really take shape and happen.

 Here goes week one of my next six months hardcore wedding dress campaign. Wish me luck.

Have a great fortnight and I’ll be seeing you soon