Guest blogger Sara Fletcher cooks Spicy Prawn Fried Rice

Hi everyone, I am the guest blogger this week for Evie (AKA Nigella of MC&L) as she is swanning around the Southern Hemisphere visiting friends and enjoying some sunshine (not jealous at all lol)

I must admit when Evie asked me to write this I jumped at the chance as love the blogs written by all the other MC&L Pros and they are entertaining as well as inspiring reads, and hopefully my warts and all version will in some way inspire too. Anyway, true to form lots of things have cropped up of late socially and I’m leaving it till the last minute to write it! I also kind of feel like a bit of a fraud as of late I have not necessarily been on the MC&L bandwagon as much as I should. In fact, in some cases have fallen totally off it! However, we all suffer ups and downs and I am only human after all. We face challenges on a daily basis that can send us careering off the wagon to epic proportions and I have done that a bit of late. To be fair I have enjoyed the tumble as it has all been socially driven and thankfully not stress-related as can also occur in everyday lives. I’ve had 2 birthdays, a weekend away and also 5 dates (internet dating at mo) so sometimes you just cannot go out and drink fizzy water! Also if you get an offer of being taken out for a meal well I for one am not going to turn that down! They are not always clean however, the meal that is – not the date ha ha J

So anyway, my MC&L credentials to date so you know a bit more about my level of expertise (!) or not, is as follows:

Oct 2012 – MC&L virgin 21 days detox then the maintenance plan, stuck to it rigidly lost over 12 pounds and more importantly I felt fitter and healthier than I have ever done in my life. Since then I have cut loads of things out my diet and pasta, crisps, cheese, coffee are not a regular staple in my shopping trolley! Still indulge every now and then of course……..

Since then I have dipped in and out of plans, personal favourite was the Autumn Awakening. I also am better at 7 day plans these days – 21 days is too strict now!  I love the support you get from everyone on the plans though as it really does feel like a little community and I feel I have some friends from doing the plans, which is ironic since not met, but that’s the sense of camaraderie you get from MC&L. I have recently met the lovely Jo and Fern and look forward to meeting some of you other MC&L beauties at IFS in Blackpool in March. I also find I need to join a group as I often need a virtual kick up the arse by others to really get motivated and love all the daily support.

So as you see I do advocate MC&L as much as possible, however, it sometimes is more a case of do as I say and not as I do though! I do recognise more though when things do not agree with me and get really bad pains and bloated ness when eat certain things so it is good (not when I’m bloated) for understanding what my body can tolerate and what it cant…..

Anyway, one of the things I found I really struggled with in the start after living off a LOT of pasta was what to eat and stuck to very plain foods and salads and home made soups which do get boring after a while, however, as I got to know what we could eat and following maintenance it is much easier as you can add in so much more food and variety again. I have found a new love of quinoa (still can’t cook so buy the merchant gourmet pre packed stuff) and don’t miss things like coffee and cheese or crisps as much as I used to either. Then came along Evie (AKA Nigella of MC&L) and helped put together the Recipe eBook which has the most amazing recipes in it and if feeding non MC&L people, as I know lots of you do whilst on the plans, they would never know they were eating something that wasn’t “normal”.

I am finishing off my blog (hope you’ve got this far reading it) with my adapted version of the prawn rice from the eBook which is one of my favourites and you could easily have this instead of a Chinese takeaway on a Friday or Saturday night and no one would know any different I swear. My version is adapted because I am a bit of a Jamie Oliver (in that I can’t be doing with faff) and just like things easy to prepare chuck it all in etc. and eat. Pucker. Super speedy dishes we all need when we are in a rush with busy lives. Sorry for no pictures I took loads then I deleted them off my phone in error (raging to say the least!)

So the ingredients you need for mine are as follows (not really got measurements as I just chuck everything in depending on how many people cooking for – the eBook has accurate measurements if you need them)

The rice part:

  • Wholegrain rice (I prefer to brown but up to you)
  • Stock cube (totally optional used it with and without and its great both ways)
  • Frozen peas
  • Frozen green beans
  • (could use other veg options if you prefer)

The other part:

  • Coconut oil
  • Ginger (a good piece approx. 1 inch)
  • Garlic (I use about 2-3 cloves love it though)
  • Chillies (I use 2 but as much as you like)
  • Spring onions (had used all mine yesterday and didn’t want to buy any especially for this as am away next week but do prefer the dish with them)
  • Prawns (raw or sometimes I cheat and buy pre-cooked with flavours already - I like the chilli and coriander one as a bit of a cheat this is what I used today)
  • Amino Acids (my new thing - don’t get me started on Soy or GM foods) or Light Soy sauce if not
  • 1-2 eggs (optional – used with and without equally good)


  1. Cook rice in stock then towards end add the frozen veg to cook, drain and leave to the side
  2. Melt some coconut oil in a wok, add in the chopped chillies, garlic, ginger, and spring onions (I chop quite small) - cook for a few minutes
  3. Chuck into the wok the cooked rice with veg, a bit of water if wok dries up, a bit of Soy Sauce to taste
  4. Add the prawns (if cooked already just need to heat through so add at end or they go really overcooked, shrivelled and hard)
  5. At the last minute crack an egg or 2 into the wok and mix immediately off the heat so prawns don’t overcook. There is usally enough heat still in the wok to cook the egg and bind it all in the rice together. I often don’t use an egg.
  6. That is literally it – simples…… you can add some coriander as a garnish if wish and salt and pepper too but often I think there is enough taste in the stock and also the soy sauce (or amino acids) so don’t need to add anything, but it is all personal preference and taste as you go to check. Beauty of this dish as well is that often I take left overs into wor k the next day for lunch and eat it cold. Yum.  

This is my lunch as I mentioned I had deleted all the pics last night! Grrrrrrrr.

sara's pic.jpg

If you haven’t bought the eBook I would definitely recommend it to keep you on the straight and narrow and it’s good for inspiration (and adaptation as per my quicker and easier recipe above) and I really enjoy  finding things in supermarkets now and wondering how I can create them more MC&L at home (which is also often cheaper!)….

I may be invited back to share some of these with you at another time. My particular fav at the mo is a lovely lentil salad with butter, borlotti and black beans. Let me know if you would like to have it covered as I like to make a lot of veggie/vegan dishes and sometimes this is a bit of a hard area to crack for some of you for variety and helpful for those doing meatless Mondays!

In the meantime enjoy the prawn rice (or leave out prawns and make it veggie adding more veggies) and cheers from me! 

Sara xx