Bikini blogger by Charlotte Carlton - last week ends FUN!

Morning, so I feel like I have been here, there and everywhere across the UK in the past 5 days BUT on the other hand had a fantastic 5 days.

Now relating back to last week end and MC&L I have to say even though I had been rushing about exercising all day, joining in classes and spotting plus chilling with my other half I have still managed to stay on top of my clean eating!!!! However, the Rosé wine I consumed at the weekend was not so clean but it was a fantastic cheat and well deserved. I have been working on having large portions as I have upped my exercise and adding even more greens. I am feeling even more energized.

Fitness Fiesta Hinkley plus the lovely Kelly Edwards birthday!

Fitness Fiesta Hinkley plus the lovely Kelly Edwards birthday!

I have also been training down the gym with a good friend Tracey, who has been showing me different training techniques and I have started lifting weights more and interval running as it seems to change my shape. I am still using the HIIT training technique but it is always good to mix up your training and shock the body so it never gets used to one thing. 

Food at the hotel at the week end is mostly clean and I enjoyed sausage and Lean bacon for breakfast and soup for lunch and beef chili for evening dinner. The desserts looked yum but my Rose wine was nicer. I loved my week end of dancing at Fitness Fiesta at the Hinckley Island hotel and it was great to see fellow blogger Tracey Harding & fellow MC&L friend Stephanie Blackman. We had a sensible drink, great chats and a good boogie and I always think it is great to see how amazing MC&L members look and how there bodies have transformed.

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Monday myself and Lee went away for a spa day to a fantastic Spa in Yorkshire where we both ate clean with soup for lunch and a clean coconut milk curry for dinner with water to wash it down, this time however I did indulge in a delicious dessert!!!

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Well it's great to see the girls have re-vamped their original 21 day detox I am excited to see the new changes. After running it successfully for a year they have listened to your feedback and looked at results and testimonials and designed the new plan to really suit you. The new 21 Day plan has new exercises, new food plans which I imagine will be very challenging and also new food ideas to keep you fuller for longer and more energised. If you feel like you need a helping hand in dropping weight, gaining a better understanding on food and drink and how it affects your body or just simply need a kick up the butt then please check out The new detox starts Monday 3rd March so not long to get signing up and experience one of the best and most enjoyable and achievable ways to loose weight, increase fitness, meet new friends and stay motivated through your journey.

You can book NOW via our website

You can book NOW via our website

Please do stay in touch via Instagram @missioncleanlean for inspiring food pics, workouts and smoothies that you can enjoy. Follow us @cleanleandetox on twitter for great updates and Facebook again for advise on food, drink and updates on what is going on in the MC&L world! 

So enjoy your next two weeks Eat Clean, Stay Lean & Train Mean :)