Bikini Blog by Charlotte Carlton

Hey gang

Hope everyone's still keeping clean and staying lean!

For me it has been a busy few weeks with leaving do's, family meals, fitness events, which always results in arriving home late and having pizza on the Sunday night (religiously) but I persuade myself I have burnt it off over the weekend before it even touches my lips!

I have to say I was very proud of myself at the recent fitness events not drinking on the Friday night, eating clean all the time I am there except for our organised cheat on the Saturday evening which is traditionally Chinese. MC&L has given me a great focus to stay that way and stay on track whilst socially enjoying myself to the max! 

I also have to say my beautiful twin Rebecca and I were bought a photo shoot for a stocking filler for Christmas and it really was a fantastic experience? The best thing was how I felt whilst having my photos taken. I felt was confident in myself, I felt I looked great and overall I was happy and proud of myself when looking at the pictures afterwards as I have worked hard to achieve my new body and its all thanks to Mission Clean & Lean! 


So it has been a great few weekends but I am back into keeping clean and looking lean ready for the lead up to summer. I am very excited to have a go at the new 21 day detox starting Monday 24th March & hope many people are going to join me also in the challenge. A very close friend of mine Stephanie Fielding has kindly wrote a small blog below about her experience of the new Mission Clean & Lean 21 Day Detox and it great to see how much it has changed and how even just the layout of the revamped programme has made her more motivated and positive in succeeding with amazing results, so here goes.


Hi everyone! 

I'm Stephanie and I'm currently on a mission to get a bikini bod for my holiday to Thailand in May, so when I saw the launch of the new 21 day detox I thought perfect, a kick up the butt, just what I need!

I've just entered my second week and I'm 4lb and 4 ounce lighter already. I'm sure there are others like me that manage to eat well but struggle with exercise and would rather sit on the sofa and hope the weight will come off that way! 

This time its a different feeling! With the new 21 day MC&L detox came new work outs, new fit tests, warm ups, cool downs and some amazing Pilates for toning and strength. The new videos have inspired me to get up and workout at a high intensity level without it feeling like a chore to do so. They are so clear and easy to understand, making me more motived and the exercise more enjoyable. 

Even if a bit sore, I'm learning that sore means it's working, and as the saying goes No Pain, No Gain, The proof is in my 5 inch loss already!

Jo and Fern have also created new weekly plan documents so you can be mega organised and ready for your week ahead without spending the evening before struggling to find the documents. 

The new plan includes smoothies... I've never had a smoothie in my life nor do I eat fruit so thank goodness for these new delicious recipes! And with the weather being so kind to us this week an ice cold smoothie has been perfect, so refreshing, enjoyable & healthy!

Despite being an MC&L member for a year now dipping in and out of plans, I have found this my easiest, most inspiring and successful one so far! I really thank Jo and Fern and the super supportive girls in the group, some whom are now friends, for teaching me all I know about my body today. I am still learning why we do things and when, whether that be new recipes, work outs, Pilates, what to eat and why or the fact that my body DOES NOT agree with processed foods (severe stomach pain!) and these fantastic tips are all from having my brain trained on the detox by the two girls.

I cannot urge people enough to give it a go, give 100% effort & motivation and learn everything I have and have the chance to feel as good as I do now. Without MC&L I wouldn't be as happy as I am today in my appearance. I don't know what sluggish feels like anymore and I am not a particularly fit person at all, but right now I'm a spring chicken!

Thank you for that Steph, I can't wait to see your results and your bikini bod ready for Thailand (JEALOUS). So everyone have a great couple of weeks and next time we speak I will hopefully be  smashing the 21 day detox, check out for details about the programme.


Lots of love Char x