Bride to be blogger the lovely Jo Telfor

Hola, how are you all?

 What a busy 3 weeks it's been, I am sure you feel the same. I know it's been crazy for me.

 I keep thinking about mine and Dave's big day and each time l blog and l go into panic mode as it's that bit closer and l feel so unorganized. I think it's probably because I've got the help of an incredible wedding planner in Croatia who is just amazing; there's no other word to describe her. Which means l only have bits to do, rather than controlling the whole day from start to finish which feels strange for me but I'll get over it I’m sure J

 I've been busy buying more glass to ship over to Hvar for the wedding venue for the flowers and candles, jewels and flowers for the bridesmaids hair, card and accessories for the place settings and table plan, bubbles, favors for the ladies, sourcing favors for the men and so much more. I've even been looking at headdress designs today at my friend and gym training partners' shop (or Aladdin’s Cave as l call it) Eleda Hats in Guiseley. I could get lost in there its paradise, a real girly heaven. The list of fun wedding activities I have been involved recently is endless.



One of my favourite days out of the past 21 has been shopping with my future mum in law for her outfit for our wedding. The dress she chose is perfect, it was so nice to watch someone else shop for an outfit and try on endless dresses rather than me. I loved it and I'm really lucky as I get to repeat this exercise with my Mum and Step Mum too. More girly shopping trips with lunch, can’t beat it Whoop whoop.


Of course on top of all of our wedding excitement I've still had my most important role of 'Mummy' and as usual we have been having lots of fun. I have been a glorified taxi driver as always (my 2 and 1 year olds have busier social lives than their Dad and I)! Escorting my eldest to birthday parties, friends visiting from Selby, numerous trips to the park, a visit to Eureka which was loved by all, especially the hurricane experience. My hair was wild for a good few hours after the 90mile an hour winds. Until it just all got too much for my littlest and she collapsed and burnt. So she went for a nap in the car. I do believe that l was also caught catching a few zzzz.  A Mum has to take every opportunity of some rest when she can, right?


I am an incredibly lucky girl, it's my birthday on Thursday so three of my closest girlfriends and l took a trip to Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire for an over night spa break and it was pure bliss. Just what the doctor ordered. I was treated to a mud and hot oil full body massage and got to keep the salt crystal pumice to exfoliate with this week. My skin feels like silk before the salt exfoliation so l do wonder how it will feel after using them? Like galaxy chocolate perhaps, Velvet!

I felt so much better from going and relaxing with the girls, you really can’t beat girly time. We talked bridal and bridesmaid hair and anything and everything girly. Probably all nonsense but we laughed a lot, which cures so much even the dull ache and nagging pain from sinusitis. I’ve had this awful cold that seems to stick to you like glue for the past week as well as having numerous tests from the doctors as I'm always tired and although I'm loosing inches I am not loosing the lbs. This is rather bizarre with the diet l keep and the exercise l do every week? I have been made to come off the 21 day detox until the results come back which has left me feeling very frustrated. I'm hoping l can rejoin the new group next Monday if I'm given the all clear - so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Following me floating home on Saturday all my girlie and male school friends met up at Miller and Carter for a juicy steak dinner and a great catch up. I shared a 24 oz Tommahawk Steak with my friend, Andy and it was delicious.  I had my fair share with a juicy tomato and green salad, skipping all carbs and washing it down with that beautiful H20 ready for my first ever 10k race the following day.

So, how did it go?.... Well to my absolute delight my running partner and l finished our first 10k under an hour. I honestly couldn't believe it as l felt so shocking but with the encouragement from Kim and the adrenalin from the day we managed just over 59 minutes. A whole 4 minutes off our previous B'S.  Now we're planning our next challenge. What will it be.... I wonder? 


What l do know is that my legs were sore from pushing myself so much so l have no clue how my friend Mark will feel after he completes the London Marathon in just a few weeks. He hasn't drunk all year but no doubt there will be a huge celebration when he's completed his charity run. I wish him all the luck in the world and for him to smash 3 hours 40 as this will help raise even more money for his chosen charity - boys like to throw a challenge in don't they? My other half and Kim's Fiancé promised to double their sponsorship if we beat an hour last Sunday and we did. So fingers and toes are crossed you beat your challenge Mark.

 So how did my Sunday finish? Well after my celebratory drink and a shower l met my new baby nephew. He is just perfect and l was left feeling very broody. So may be after our honeymoon l could be getting ready to sign up for MCL post natal plan? Who knows what's around the corner.....


Have a good one

Love Jo