City Blog by Tracey Harding

Blimey, another 2 weeks have flown by, it feels like only yesterday I was sitting writing my blog for you guys, seriously it is scary how quickly the weeks are flying by and we are now nearing the end of March.

So, what have I been up to in the last 2 weeks?  hmmm, you are probably getting bored of me saying work is busy and I’m bored of saying it but March/April is crazy busy on a scale of 1-10 it’s 11… Lots of companies renew their insurances in line with financial year end and on top of that we have annual appraisal time, whoop whoop, all good fun…

I’ve started to feel better after the nasty bug I had a few weeks ago and my appetite has returned but I also seem to be having a few too many treats at the moment, which mainly consist of a skinny latte most days (just the one mind you) and a few biccies or cake ahhhhh, need to try and stop this getting out of control.  It is really hard when working long hours and you just want a sugar rush, need to have a word with myself to kick this into touch before it becomes habit!!

So Pancake Day didn't disappoint,  I have to confess I didn't go for the protein pancake option but indulged in Chris home made American Pancakes made with buttermilk and covered in Raspberries, bananas, Chocolate sauce and cream.  Talk about sugar heaven.  I did go for a run and ate healthy rest of the day so I could enjoy to the max, and I did indeed!!  

My team and I have decided to give up items for Lent and I have given up bread, in all shapes and varieties.  Whilst I do not eat a lot of bread, I do enjoy wraps and pitta bread occasionally and so I hoped that giving up bread would give me that extra impetus to get right back on track and so far I haven’t missed it at all.  My team have given up coffee, processed foods and take away curries.  Bearing in mind the guys that work for me are mainly single, the processed food and take away curry is going to be a killer, particularly after they have had a skinful….so far so good, so they say!

I’ve been to Beyonce at the O2 which was amazing, and a black tie do in the last 2 weeks.  It was once again at the black tie do that I saw some more people who haven't seen me since I started MCL and I received a lot of great compliments saying how fab I looked.  Even though I’ve been a bit off colour lately and not 100% clean, it was a great boost to hear this and to know that the hard work initially is still paying off.  Despite not always eating clean, I am still eating a much healthier diet and drinking a lot less and so my weight is being maintained at the current time which is fine by me.  

This week has been really busy too, and on Tuesday I took 4 clients for afternoon tea, this was quite tough as I do not really drink a lot of tea and am not eating bread cos of Lent and after a few cakes I actually felt really rubbish and had a really bad headache for rest of the evening.  I am blaming all the sugar, it made me realize how much I've changed now and whilst I am partial to a bit of cake every now and again, I have my limits and can take or leave it (unless it involves a lemon and poppy seed muffin of course)

So rest of the working week passes relatively smoothly with me pretty much trying to eat clean until Friday.…Friday was Gold Cup Day and every year I host a table at a bar in the City where my guests and I can enjoy a few beverages, meal and watch the horses….I do like a flutter and due to work pressures I hadn’t had one bet until Friday.  Had a great afternoon and seems lady luck was on my side as I ended up winning a few quid and so over indulged on the vino, head didn't feel so good Saturday morning, but I perked up when I collected my winnings whoop whoop.I’ve been to the gym this weekend and caught up on some well needed sleep.  I’ve been to the supermarket and I have prepped meals and lunches for this week.  I like to try a few different recipes each week as variety is indeed the spice of life.  I am definitely going to attempt Evie’s sun dried tomato lemon and basil courgette pasta that sounds lush!!!Am off to IFS next weekend too and looking forward to meeting some fellow MCL peeps who I have become friends with through MCL on FB but not yet met in person……can’t wait for that, so all in all it’s gonna be another busy couple of weeks but I’m feeling optimistic, less bloated and ready for it…..

See you all soon

T xx