Amazing Asian raw salad or stir-fry

Guaranteed to give your taste buds a total delight, the balance of sweet, salty and heat is 100% perfect in the dressing for this, you're seriously missing out if you don't make it! It's not often I say that about a dish, but if you like Asian food this is a MUST!

You know sometimes when you do the food shopping and you come home, unload it all and think, “I'm not really sure what I'm going to make with this lot?” Well that was me this week. Inspired by fellow blogger Tracey Harding with her meat-free Mondays, and the documentaries I’ve been watching on animal welfare and the benefits of increasing raw fruits and veggies, I decided to get less meat more veggies and to try a raw dish. So I loaded up with veggies and got home and thought “oh what am I gonna do?” So remembering the delicious salads I've had in Asia I decided to get a basic Thai chilli, soy, sesame and lime dressing on the go and get a salad out of the contents of the fridge. It could actually be classed as a raw food salad, but it could be stir-fried if you wanted to so I'll give you an option for that. 

Raw food, let's start here. I could fill a book with the principals of the raw food diet and in large it’s quite good and has many, many health benefits but as you guys know here at MC&L we advocate a balanced and varied diet with everything in moderation including moderation itself (that means just one bottle of Prosecco on your Saturday cheat, one chocolate cake and so on ;)) So yep we support raw fruits and vegetables in your diet but for us it’s not a 100% lifestyle. There are some nutrients that are only released by cooking and conversely some that are lost. Anyway I'm not here to talk about raw food which is not really that scary when you think we eat salads and nuts and a whole host of other foods uncooked. I'm enjoying learning about it so I think I'll blog more about it. However, I do the raw food bit and place a bit of chicken next to it, so the dish is not really raw food at all but hey why not include new things. Life is for living and we should try everything twice right. Twice? Yes twice, just in case you missed something the first time!

Remember you can turn this into a stir-fry and the ingredients are so interchangeable you could use almost anything; all you need to remember is that you need to chop, shred or Julienne everything so it’s easy to eat uncooked. You've got your Julienne peeler for your courgetti so use that on carrots, courgettes, cucumber, beetroot and so on. Raw veggies are really nice to eat when they're finely cut. Plus they kind of cure and soften from the acid in lemon and lime juice so they become softer. 

What I used:

Serves 2 as a salad/stir-fry or 4 if served with a side of white fish, shredded beef or chicken (although you could have it with anything those are my top suggestions.)


1 tbsp light soy sauce 
1 tbsp sesame oil 
1 lime, juiced 
1.5 tsp honey 
1 clove garlic, crushed 
1 inch chunk of ginger finely grated 

½ red chilli finely grated 
2 tsp sesame seeds - toasted

Small handful of sugar snap peas - chopped pretty small 

¼ red onion - finely sliced 
2 spring onions - finely chopped in rounds 

¼ courgette - finely shredded 
¼ red pepper - finely sliced 
¼ fennel - very thinly sliced 
1 handful of bean sprouts 
1 sweetheart cabbage, leaves shredded 
1 bok choi shredded 
Small bunch of coriander - roughly chopped 
12-15 mint leaves - torn

Mix everything together in a jug and leave to one side. To toast your sesame seeds just put them into a hot pan and mix around for about 45 seconds so they lightly toast and the fragrance comes out.


Mix all the veggies together. If you don’t like fennel just leave it out, plus include whatever you do have - it’s so versatile so play about with it. I also added a few pre-cooked prawns to mine for some extra protein, but I really think this would be beautiful with some fish. Once prepped pour the AMAZING dressing over it and boom you’re done!


In a wok on a high heat add some oil then all the salad ingredients, stir-fry for about 1 minute, add the dressing and stir-fry for another minute then serve and enjoy! We don’t overcook this as we want the veggies to retain their crunch.

This in my opinion is one of my best dishes so I really do encourage you to try it, you won’t regret it! The dressing can be used on any number of things, you might like to try a shredded beef or chicken salad, or as I've done add a few prawns. Delish!

Peace out! 
Evie xxx