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When I was a little girl, my pops (my Grandad) use to say when I was good I was very very good, but when I was bad I was horrid….sort of sums up last few weeks, it’s been a weird few weeks if I am honest and also I must apologise for the delay in posting this blog through illness last week. I have lost my creative mojo….

So, what have I been up to lately MCL style, well, first of all I signed up for the 7 day Valentine plan after having an absolute disaster of a week 3 weeks ago. I just could not ditch the sweet tooth and decided that I needed a bit of group motivation to get me back on track, this didn’t disappoint. The workouts are challenging and the plan is fantastic. You get to enjoy some fibre elements whoop whoop, a little bit of fasting and some fruit and of course the obligatory cheat meal.  I am realising that for me the 7 day plan every now and again really helps to focus the mind and it most definitely is all about planning.  PLAN PLAN PLAN your meals, I have a few staple favourites such as stir fry, chilli and curry, but I have now added Quinoa Kedgeree to my repertoire.  Still unsure of the measurements as it seems to expand and have enough to feed 5,000 but it is delicious.  As I am back on meat free Monday’s this is now going to be my new Monday lunch fave for the foreseeable.  

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So, whilst I did have a few client lunches/dinners to contend with, once again, I made sure that the restaurants were MCL friendly, ie fish with veg or steak with salad etc.  I find I struggle more when it is a large corporate event and the meal is set but on these days I just have to shrug it off and get back to it the next day… with a hangover in tow.  I will never change.

I was back at the gym (first few days were a killer) after a few weeks off but feeling good again and really looking forward to fitness fiesta weekend where I was going to meet up with Jo P and Charlotte and forget about work and stresses of day to day life.  This is probably one of my favourite times as I switch the blackberry off as there is not a lot I can do in the middle of a step class is there?  

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The weekend was great and whilst I did have a few drinks, I have to say I was a lilly lightweight in comparison to some of the weekends I have attended. This lady needed to sleep!!  It was good to catch up with everyone though and try lots of different classes.

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So, whilst again it was difficult to eat completely clean, I stuck to cereal and toast for brekkie, salads and cold meats for lunch and dinner, some fruit and a bit of dessert.  When you are burning circa 6,000 calories over a weekend, you can allow a few treats along the way I reckon.

Monday arrives, and whilst I usually feel battered and bruised from a weekend of classes, I woke up feeling dreadful and couldn't shift the feeling all day. By 3pm I was on my way home from work and in bed.  I cannot confirm if this was food poisoning or a bad bug, either way food was last thing on my mind and so the next few days passed in a blur feeling very sorry for myself and no appetite for food at all, which is unlike me.

I have been concentrating on getting better and to be honest food isn’t really top of my agenda at the moment, so I am eating when I feel like it, the good news seems to be my stomach has definitely shrunk. The bad news is, I feel really lethargic and tired at the moment, hopefully my mojo is on it’s way back from it’s little mini-break as I want to get fighting fit and back into that happy healthy place I was prior to this bout of illness.

Anyway, despite feeling sorry for myself, I see that there is a brand new 3 week programme starting which looks exciting and I know the girls have been working hard on this.  I will be interested to see how everyone get’s on with this as I see a number of my old adversaries, sorry group members have signed on to this. I will probably sign up prior to my holiday in May but for now I am concentrating on getting better and will follow a version of the Valentines plan as March is a busy time for me with a black tie do, Cheltenham and a trip to Beyonce at the O2 as well as doing a bit of work I suppose…..

See you in a few weeks when hopefully I will be back on my game….and a bit richer if I get any wins on the gee gees….

Keep it clean

T xxx