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These powerful words have been the main three words in the front of my mind over the past two weeks. So, it's currently Day 16 in the Mission Clean & Lean house. I have just tucked into what has to be the largest and tastiest plate full of chicken fajitas ever and I am comfortably full.

A new group for the 21 day detox starts again on Monday 14th April  if you are interested, I cannot not recommend this enough. For more information or to gain a greater understanding of what the 21 day plan is all about then check out Plus if you are on Twitter please follow us and we will follow you back, then you can keep up with all the updates and MC&L tips and recipes. Our twitter is @cleanleandetox

In the back of your head you are probably thinking what is a detox and how can this be different to weight watchers or slimming world? How do people achieve such fantastic results & the question on most peoples lips is how does the weight stay off?

The biggest part of the Mission Clean & Lean plan is that you don't calorie count or count points or eat processed or microwave foods. They promote eating fresh foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, salad, pulses and many more foods that are full of good nutrients and vitamins for your body. The advantage of not calorie counting is that you learn to understand portion sizes better. Using a handful (your handful)  still allows you to eat cleanly until you feel full. MC&L also give you lots of different ideas and recipes on what liquids to consume, what smoothies are best for what time of day and what ingredients is best  to keep you and your skin hydrated, fresh and looking clear and radiant skin. 

A clean and healthy eating plan works effectively alongside daily exercise. For many people exercise can be time consuming and expensive as you associate working out with signing up for a gym and paying a membership. Also for some people who aren't particularly happy with there weight they would find gyms very intimidating. This is where MC&L can help you as you are able to do the exercise from the comfort of your own home, in privacy, taking only 20 minutes of your time. The girls upload daily videos that they add to the group for you to follow and they do it through with you at the same time to keep you motivated, this is great when you have had a long day and need encouragement. It is like having your own personal trainers in your front room! The work outs are specifically designed to help burn fat, increase stamina, work on strength and tone plus flexibility and posture.

So like I said you are probably thinking well how does the weight stay off? MC&L over the 21 day period teaches you the best foods to release energy, which foods to avoid and when to eat certain foods. This helps train your mind to choose the, healthy options when eating at home or out at a restaurant and especially when you are out shopping. One of my favourites is it also encourages you to relax on food for one meal, i.e. a cheat meal, which is usually a Saturday. Where you can enjoy a meal of your choice and socialise with friends or attend that special occasion without worrying you will sabotage all your hard work

With the private group, the girls are always on hand to answer any burning questions you may have or to give you different ideas on foods. The group ‘community’ atmosphere always helps to motivate, inspire, encourage and support you as you are all experiencing the same feelings daily.

The resident MC&L food guru that is Evie Brogan also posts new recipes every week through her blog on the website for you to use. She has become a firm favorite with the group. If you want even more recipes then the girls have a great E-Book called ‘21 Day detox recipes’ that boasts over 100 recipes which they also offer at a discounted rate if you buy the ebook and the plan at the same time.


Recently the girls have released a new Mission Clean & Lean Mama plan. This is again a 21 day detox programme for busy new mums from 6 weeks postnatal. There are daily workouts led by the incredible Cherry Baker, UK's leading pre & postnatal teacher plus clean eating plans ensuring optimum nutrition for breast feeding, quick mood boosting recipes, delicious snack, smoothies and treats. It is a perfect way for Mums to meet other new mums who are probably feeling the same as you are which may be emotionally, physically and mentally challenged. The plan is already receiving wonderful feedback with encouraging results and more importantly giving Mummy’s the strength and support they need nutritionally and physically

And finally this week the girls are getting ready to launch there merchandise range, sports & leisurewear wear which is exciting! I love my new hoodie, I never take it off, unless it needs washing of course!  

   After a whole week end of fitness classes! In my hoodie!


After a whole week end of fitness classes! In my hoodie!

So what have you got to loose?  Take the time out to be kind to yourself, look after your body and give something back to you.

Right I think it's time for another fruit tea BUT before I go, I found an inspirational quote this morning on social media see what you think 'Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most under-utilized antidepressant' so every time you go to eat or exercise just think about that in the back of your head.

 Anyway have a wonderful day, be safe, stay fit and keep pushing.

Love Char