Beetroot & carrot salad plus tasty spinach sides

Hello health lovers

Firstly my apologies for lack of bloggage, I had a 'technical issue' getting my blog for two weeks ago over to MC&L HQ and then I'd a last minute escape to the sun, which saw me leaving the next day for a week away. Well it would have been rude not to go right? I was delighted to have done the new 21 Day Detox just before I went, maybe that’s part of the reason I jumped at the change to go away for a week in the sun - less flab on this girl!!! So unlike my fellow bloggers I don’t really post pictures of myself but do you know what, I'm digging my shoulders and arms just now so why not celebrate the success I've had living clean and training and whack out a full on planking on board a yacht pic! Oh it’s so holiday! (Jo's gonna look at it and tell me “Evie lower your hips” he he!)

Right so gang this week health, health, health on a plate! Plus you know I'm going through a 'raw food' phase so it’s up there for me and my current trend. (I know the feta isn’t raw and I'd probably have this with a bit of BBQ fish, but I'm enjoying the new dishes I'm learning as part of understanding the benefits of raw fruits and veggies. Without doubt summer is on its way and the salads and the BBQ's will be out, if not already, so I thought I'd share with you a wonderful salad of beetroot and carrot which I first had at my friends’ house (Lesley & Omar delicious, thanks guys!)

It’s super simple and you'll notice from the pictures I've done it two ways, one as a tasty vegetarian starter with feta and one as a brightly coloured salad that would rock any BBQ table.

You will need: 
Beetroot sliced (either fresh or sweetfire in natural juice) 
1 large carrot, grated 
1 clove garlic, crushed 
Olive oil

For the salad:
1. Slice enough beetroot to cover your serving dish. A small side plate, dinner plate, salad plate, anything really.
2. Mix ½ the garlic and a good glug of olive oil in a dish and mix together, then using a pastry brush, brush over the beetroot. (If you don’t have one just sprinkle the garlic on and drizzle the oil.)

3. Then cover with the grated carrot and sprinkle the remainder of the garlic on top of that, drizzle with more olive oil.
4. Leave for a bit if you can before serving, it gives the garlic and oil a little time to flavour the dish.
I've topped mine off with a bit of chopped coriander, but that’s optional as is crumbled feta.

For the starter: 
1. Place a chef's ring in the middle of your plate 
2. Fill the bottom layer with beetroot 
3. Sprinkle the olive oil and some garlic (or pastry brush like me) 
4. Add a layer of grated carrot, pressing down with the back of a spoon to that you get a nice firm tower 
4. Add a tiny bit of garlic and oil 
5. Another beetroot layer 
6. Another oil and garlic layer 
7. A layer of chopped feta 
8. Decorate the top with some carrot/ beetroot 
9. Drizzle any leftover oil round the tower letting it drip off a teaspoon 
10. Carefully pull your chef's ring off and boom - delicious!

It's important with this dish to use fresh beetroot; the pickled stuff your granny used to buy in a jar is just not going to cut it here.  

Lesley also gave me another wonderful side dish which I've tasted but not yet had the pleasure to make. It’s a spinach side dish, also wonderful on any BBQ table.

Bag of spinach 
1 clove garlic, grated 
2 tbsp sundried tomato paste 
An alternative is to use some grated lemon rind, lemon juice and olive oil

Option 1 
1. Place the grated garlic and sundried tomato paste in a pan on a medium heat to avoid burning the garlic and it becoming bitter.
2. Soften the garlic then place the spinach in the pan and stir until wilted.

Option 2 
1. Place the grated garlic and olive oil in a pan on a med heat to soften the garlic. 
2. Stick in the spinach, lemon rind and juice of a half a lemon then stir until the spinach is wilted.

That’s it from me this week gang.  Next week BBQ chicken, let’s hope the sun shines! Take care team it’s good to be back on my Friday slot and as always we're here if you want any cooking tips or dishes using a particular ingredient.

Love & Light