BBQ chicken drumsticks with hot sweet potato salad

Its Friday whoop whoop!!! As the weather has improved and I've listened to your requests for more chicken dishes this week I'm blogging Smoked Paprika Chicken Drumsticks, which is an absolute BBQ all-time favourite in the Brogan household, I've also included a cheeky little hot sweet potato salad with feta, red onion and chilli.

As today hasn’t been Scottish BBQ weather I've done my drumsticks under the grill, it works really well as does cooking them on the griddle pan. I often do drumsticks if I'm having a BBQ because they are fuss free and can be prepared the day before, they make great leftovers as they are delicious cold and they can be teamed up with almost anything. Kids love them too and as they can be cooked under the grill they make a great mid-week cost effective meal. Not only is the drumstick cheaper than breasts, they are made up of the darker chicken meat which contains more iron and zinc than the white meat of the breast. So if you're stuck in a chicken breast rut, why not try these bad boys out, they are so moist and delicious.

I bought organic chicken drumsticks so I served mine with the skin on. The skin is where the majority of the toxins are stored, so with purchasing organic you're reducing the amount of toxins you ingest. You might want to remove it if you're being super clean, but do this after cooking as the skin will help retain the moisture in the meat. 

5 tbsp of mild olive oil (not extra virgin) 
4 tsp of smoked paprika (normal paprika is fine) 
4 tsp sea salt

I used a packet of 12 drumsticks weighing 1.1kg. You will need to adjust your marinade according to the amount of chicken you're using. There is no great skill to that because what you do not use gets thrown away with the marinade.

1. Mix marinade together in a bowl and rub it all over the chicken. Get right under the skin so it really infuses. 
2. Leave in the fridge to marinade for at least 10 minutes but longer is better; you could even do this bit the night before.

3. Cook! Grill on a med/high heat for about 20 mins turning regularly, you can finish off on a smoking hot griddle if you want but it’s not really necessary. To BBQ will take about 20 mins too over med/hot coals, with regular turning and the same on your griddle.

Remember with all chicken you must ensure it’s cooked through before serving. The meat of the drumstick next to the bone can still be a little pink when it’s cooked, so bear that in mind if you're not used to cooking them. I doubt on a medium to high heat they will take more than 25 mins. You might like to rub some of the leftover marinade on the chicken as its cooking. But never ever use it as a dipping sauce on account of it having raw chicken on it.

I know I often mention salt in my blogs but I want to mention it again here as it appears we're using a lot of salt and I guess we are but remember it’s sea salt so not processed dirty chemical salt plus you won’t end up eating it all as its some will get thrown out with the leftover marinade. The vast majority of salt in the western diet is from processed food. We're living a clean and healthy life with the food we promote at MC&L so really there is no need to worry, unless you're doctor tells you otherwise. You might like to read my blog on salt:

On the side...
Drumsticks go with almost everything, I've done mine with a trio of salads; two cold - a green salad and carrot and beetroot salad (recipe here: and one hot - sweet potato, chilli, lime and feta. I know it sounds a bit odd but it is honestly really tasty, just remember to go easy on the lime.  

As with so many salads there is no exact measurement here. I used: 
3 sweet potatoes 
1 chilli 
1/4 block of feta - chopped 
1/3 of the juice of a lime 
Oil for cooking (I used coconut)

1. Peel your sweet potato and chop into bite sized pieces and either boil until they have just turned soft (so that when you stick a knife in a bit it falls off slowly) or roast them. Boiling takes about 15 mins, roasting about 30 mins.

2. Wash and chop your chilli, I took a fair amount of the seeds out, the more you leave in the hotter it will be and chop your onion according to your taste. I used thin slices.

3. When your potato is almost cooked add your onion and chilli to a pan or wok and cook on a med heat.

4. If using boiled sweet potato cook chilli and onion for 1-2 minutes then add your potatoes and mix everything together, so that that potato gets coated with the oil and crisps up, then fry for about 4-5 mins. If you're using roast sweet potato then fry the onion and chilli for about 5 mins and then add the roasted potato just to coat, as it should already be pretty crispy.

5. Transfer your potato mix into a serving bowl and add a squeeze of lime (not too much), add the feta, give it a mix, serve and enjoy!

This year why not make the most of the British summer, it’s really starting to feel like it’s on it way! 

Lots more seasonal dishes to come. Until next week...  
Stay clean live green