MC&L City Blogger Tracey Harding is back off her holibobs

Well hello there MCL, City blogger is back…..I would like to apologise to all my adoring fans (Steph Blackman) yes I know there are many of you out there that have been pining for my updates lol, or maybe there are those who have no idea who I am or care, however, I would just like to say that I have not been at Her Majesty’s Pleasure but I have been on the naughty step for a while….nearly 3 months since my last blogs, blimey !!

It has been a pretty weird few months for me as I have had a pretty stressful time at work and have also had a rotten calf injury and to those that know me not being able to train makes me feel really low and so the last thing you guys would have wanted to hear was a load of negative whinging from me.

So, I have been on a bit of a sabbatical from my blog and taking each day as it comes with some pretty good weeks eating clean and some pretty bad weeks eating and drinking a bit too much which in turn has made me feel sluggish, bloated and miserable.  It is a vicious circle and we all do it to a certain extent, life just gets in the way despite all the good intentions but even though I think I have been really bad, compared to say 2-3 years ago, in context I haven’t and the fact that my clothes are not feeling remotely tight I guess it is not all bad.  It is definitely a psychological thing if I cannot train I get depressed and then I turn to chocolate or wine..or both…hmmmm! 

So, I attempted the Insanity week a few weeks back before my holiday (talk about that in a mo) and this is pretty hardcore and designed to push you.  I think it was a little bit too early for me coming back from my injury as the workouts are pretty fierce and you certainly feel it!  There were some great results in the group, the food plan is easy to follow and I have saved the video clips to try out again once I am feeling fully recovered.

HOWEVER, I am now back after a much needed holiday in Bali and Singapore where I have rested myself and slept for England, Scotland and Wales as well as catching some rays and acquiring a new Marc Jacobs handbag (for medicinal purposes obviously) and generally had a lovely time.  Bali was gorgeous we stayed in a lovely private villa and had a private chef for breakfasts.  Chris surfed and I sunbathed and just enjoyed the gorgeous beaches and heat.  Singapore was an amazing city, pretty expensive, £55  for a bottle of vino, suppose that put paid to any hangovers as couldn't afford it, but the shopping, singapore slings and afternoon tea at the famous Raffles were not to be missed.  After 2 weeks of eating out I am looking forward to eating clean.  

I took MCL to Singapore and was lucky enough to stay in an amazing hotel which had a pretty fab gym and so took advantage of this by doing some HIIT training in one of the gym studio’s 55 floors up, check out my planking :)

So I arrived back Saturday night, jet lagged and grumpy.  I woke up Sunday at 5am so took my sorry butt back to gym yesterday for a combat class and felt better for it and then headed off to supermarket to fill my cupboards with all things clean.  I did have a sneaky freddo or 2 yesterday (I seriously missed these babies) and have now prepared my week ahead for clean eating.  

So, it is Bank Holiday Monday and I am just about to eat a clean lamb curry and get myself ready to go back to work after a lovely holiday.  Hopefully the tan will not have faded by the morning!!

See you in 2 weeks, fingers crossed my Positive Mental Attitude will continue…..beyond 9am tomorrow morning….

Keep it clean.