Apple, cinnamon & raisin porridge

Happy Friday Everyone, I hope this weekend brings you lots of sunshine, love and of course delicious healthy food.

As a lot of you will know, I have recently been on the first ever MC&L retreat and had the privilege of meal planning and cooking there. I promised the guests that I would give them the recipes of what team MC&L cooked for them, and this week I'm doing my apple pie porridge. (I don’t actually call it apple pie porridge, but that name just came to me now so I thought I'd make it sound better than apple, cinnamon and raison porridge :))

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt in swapping my traditional cooking methods and more importantly ingredients for cleaner ones is that we do not need to consume things that do not work for our bodies. Almost every recipe and dish can be modified to make it cleaner and better for your body to digest and absorb the nutrients. Cow's milk is a fantastic example of this. You'll know from my blog last week that cow's milk is made for calves and can be easily digested by them with their massive digestive system and four stomachs, and not so much us with our human sized digestive system and one stomach. Plus from an ethical viewpoint there is the fact that in the UK we massively over milk female cows and the pressure on farmers to keep costs low does have an impact on what the animal eats and how it’s treated. Organic milk is better for you in terms of what the animal has been fed and therefore what ends up in your milk, but the organic stamp has no bearing on how the animal is treated – but that’s a whole massive topic and not one for here. So if you think you need cow's milk to make porridge taste good you my friend are wrong and the 23 people at the retreat I think may agree. Now I'm not saying that cow's milk porridge doesn’t taste nice by any means, although I have completely given up having cow’s milk in my diet I do very occasionally have a bit of organic double cream. Now double cream as a topper for porridge.  Ooohhh now you’re talking mmm, mmm, mmm. . .

As regular readers know sometimes my quantities are a bit of this and a bit of that and this one is right up there with that measurement method, but what I’ve put below I think this is about right. . . .

Per portion you’ll need:

  • Porridge oats (about 50g)
  • Water (about 350mls)
  • ½ an Apple
  • 1 tbsp. raisins
  • 1.5 tsp. cinnamon
  • Agave nectar (optional)
  1. Place your porridge oats and raisins  in a pot, cover with water by about 2 inches
  2. Place on a med high heat until it starts to boil then simmer for about 5 mins
  3. Add the apple and cinnamon about 2 mins into the cooking
  4. We add the raisins early on so that they can take in the water and plump up during the cooking so they’re nice and juicy when you eat them. Be careful when choosing your raisins that they haven’t been sweetened as many have, as always check the ingredients. 
  5. Keep stirring your porridge as its cooking so it doesn’t stick to the bottom, also keep an eye on the water levels and add more if you need to. If you add too much, then just keep it boiling and it will boil off.
  6. It’s important that you use a wooden spoon, or Spirtle, when making it.  Now I’m not sure about the science behind wood as opposed to plastic or metal, but I have tried it and it does come out better with wood.
  7. Drizzle on agave nectar and enjoy!

Apple, cinnamon and raisin is just a winning combo but you could try other combos such as my absolute favourite strawberry and cardamom (green cardamom in with the cooking and strawberries added after cooking) - delicious! 

That’s almost it from me this week guys apart from to tell you that I’m going to be stopping my weekly blog for MC&L. I’ve had a wonderful time over the past year and a bit, but it’s time to move on to new things. I’ve got a blog or two left in me so it’s not goodbye just yet. Plus I’ll be back with Jo and Fern for features and no doubt be back on some of the groups when I need a Jo Parry style whipping on my butt and abs!

I’d love you to stay in touch so please feel free to add me on Facebook you’ll find me at: Evie GingerLily   

Love & Light