Bikini blogger Charlotte Carlton is ready for her holiday!

Well I'm back!

After a few weeks off the wagon and off the blogging I realized I have 1 week until my holiday & after many bank holidays it was time to change and get back to my Mission Clean & Lean ways. 

My weekends have been full of ice creams, pick 'n' mixes , lucozade , pizza's - you name it, I have had it & I have also had the headaches that come with it after eating so much sugar! I knew it was to jump back on board with MC&L!

So it was back to the meat, fish , salads, vegetables and the daily intake of water WHICH may I add is not doing much for my bladder, as I am constantly visiting the toilet! After only a few days of being back into it I can recognise a change in how I feel, how much energy I have and how much more positive and stronger I feel in my body and mind. Plus I am a lot less bloated and my skin has cleared again so quickly! I do love the benefits of eating clean and healthy.

I am excited for holiday and I feel so much better in my self for simply making the change back to healthy again. Since loosing my 4 stone with MC&L I have also wanted to learn more weight training and I am teaching more Zumba classes so I am excited for this new phase on my life. Plus I love the dog walks with my boy friend Lee and Bodey the dog.

So if you are heading off on holiday soon and need some last minute prep then the girls are running their BEACH READY 10 day detox plan to get your ready for your bikini. You can sign up now and get organised for the plan starting Monday 9th June.

Finally from me, check out the girls new MC&L shop, with fantastic clothing items & home accessories. Join me in representing MCL & let's spread the word for them by wearing there new gear! Myself, Jo and fellow blogger Tracey had ours on all weekend at a fitness event & they kept us extremely warm! However with this rain you may need to purchase your own brolly!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, keep pushing forwards & see you in a couple of weeks after my holiday.

Take care, Charlotte