Summer, smoothies & sunshine by Charlotte Cartlon

So after being back in the UK for nearly two weeks myself & Lee have serious holiday blues, so on that note we decided to book a holiday to Dubai for 10 days in October to visit one of my best friends but there's only three words that follow booking my holiday, and these are 'BACK ON IT'!

After an extended birthday starting on last Friday Lee took me to see the show Wicked at the Grand theatre in Leeds which was simply outstanding. It was such a lovely surprise & I thoroughly enjoyed it. After not drinking for nearly 3 months I caved on that evening and had a few cheeky cocktails & a bottle of Prosecco which I have to say I enjoyed immensely!

On the Saturday I headed to Funkraiser with Jo to dance my socks off, which really motivated me to get back into my clean lifestyle. We had a fab time catching up with some great fitness friends which was fantastic & also able to raise a lot of money for Cancer Research thanks to Nikkie Riozzi! That evening when I arrived home I dolled myself up again to go meet fellow MCL member Melanie Lee & very good friend of mine & the city blogger herself for MCL Miss Tracey Harding. We had a great evening in Sky Lounge & other bars in Leeds where Lee managed to get drunk on many a bottle of champagne with the girls whilst I drank water & drove... Pretty sure it should have been the other way round but HEY there company was fantastic! 

Funkraiser with the gang

Funkraiser with the gang

My lovely man

My lovely man

The lovely Tracey Harding and Melanie Lee

The lovely Tracey Harding and Melanie Lee

Sunday saw me back to eating clean & training as I knew in a few days for my birthday where I would be eating more fat,sugar,carbs in one day than my body had probably actually consumed in 1 year! 

MY BIRTHDAY! So as most know I am a twin, so we were able to celebrate together with our fantastic parents & almost just as fantastic partners. We ate so much pizza, BBQ ribs, cake & champagne it was a fantastic evening but I still trained before all this so I could balance it all out! I love naughty food like everyone but I have worked so hard to feel happy with my body that I do not want to ruin all my hard work.

Finally the last night of our celebrations was Saturday evening at a fantastic Italian restaurant in a village close to my home. Plenty of food (pizza again) was consumed and rather copious amounts of alcohol also but it was fantastic to all be together with my grandma and a close family friend. Nothing as good as quality time with the ones you love. 

So that was it Monday had appeared again from no where and we are now into July where I am very much back into training, weight training and dancing! 

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Well it's goodbye from me I am just watching the Tour De France opening ceremony, ready to go to my home city of Leeds on Saturday to be a part of the event, which I can't wait for!  

If you decide to take the plunge and jump on board for summer I hope you achieve whatever it is you set out to achieve and good luck!

Speak to you all next week,

Lots of love

Char x