Transformation by Bikini Blogger Charlotte Carlton

Hi gang, it’s been a while, how are you all? Hope the change in weather has not affected you guys too much, it is supposed to get sunnier! Here’s hoping!

Well I was having a #Throwbackthursday moment last week and could not believe my eyes to the person in the photo (me)  two years ago to the person in the photo now. I am so much happier in my own skin now. I have much more energy, focus, confidence and I love clothes shopping! 

So, the countdown is on & I'm ticking off the days on the calendar until I'm on that plane to Dubai and I am also ticking off the countdown on my meal plan & my exercises.

For that strong body I need a good workout regime, cardio boost & healthy eating. I can do all this with MCL & additional workout programmes for weights! After a weekend full of social events including eating out all day Saturday & Sunday evening although I did burn it off ice-skating with Lee. 

I have to say having a boyfriend who plays ice hockey is a chance for free ice skating classes, bonus! I also like to think he enjoys it as he also has an excuse to be on the ice some more, but I do frustrate him when I don't listen. We also went bowling with good friends Saturday afternoon & celebrated my amazing Dad's birthday with my family & the boys both Saturday and Sunday. One of my favourite parts was the piece of fudge cake with ice cream, it was worth the calories! 

Suddenly it was Monday again so its back to protein, greens, vegetables and starchy carbs. I feel so much more alert when I get back on a clean tip! This weekend I am awaiting my cheat meal in Ireland which will be very exciting. I am visiting one of my oldest best friends who I have the privilege of being maid of honour for, so it's all about wedding dresses & hen do's!

Once again on Monday I will be ready to start my 20 minute MC&L HIIT training from the comfort of my own home plus a weights program specifically designed by a fantastic PT that will give me even more tone. 

So after a great weekend it's back to 6 days clean, then a drink or two in the VIP lounge in the airport on Saturday and after my bank holiday blow out it will be back on it! 

The infamous 21day detox which is the original plan is launched on Monday 25th August. If you are interested then check out the flyer plus for details.

So enjoy the Bank Holiday week end then jump on board with Jo & Fern to join the Mission Clean & Lean quest to find a new you whether it's for loosing weight, feeling happier or  to increasing nutritional knowledge,

Have a great bank holiday & look forward to seeing you Monday.

Lots of love & hugs Charlotte