MC&L City Blogger Tracey Harding on her travels

Hello MCL peeps

Its been a while, I will give you that! I am currently sitting in an airport terminal in Cologne waiting to fly back to the UK after attending a 10 day Management and Leadership Course with 30 people from all over the world, in fact 19 different countries participated so a real multi cultural mix!

tracey 1.jpg

So whilst I'm waiting for my flight home (5 hours to kill) I thought I'd check in..before I check in.....boom boom!

Its been over a month since I last blogged and I have attend courses, birthday meals, corporate functions, weekends away to Devon, and of course took part in the  ice bucket challenge! So as you can imagine my lifestyle has been somewhat out of control, particularly in the last 10 days!


In my course one of the sessions that I attended was to do with achieving goals and setting goals  "what is my mission?" I asked myself?  I've lost my focus on ME recently and so whilst I sat there reflecting on things, I come to conclusion that I need to get back in control of my healthy lifestyle. MCL makes you feel so good, when I eat clean and train I feel so energetic, so focused, so in control, I look and feel better.  I've loved this course but the eating 3 times a day, 4 course meals (I didn't always have 4 by the way but it was there) with rich food and lots of wine  is just too much.  My body just cannot cope and you can imagine how my stomach is at the moment with all the boozing as well! Enough said on that subject me thinks!!

So I was so pleased to see that there was a 5 day FREE plan to get me back on track that  started last Monday and it did just that! There were so many people who joined the group in a bid to 'Get Back On It' - the clean eating train that is!

There was great banter in the group which if you know me you know that's what I love and it really motivates me plus there were amazing food pics, recipe sharing and some seriously sweaty selfie pics being posted!

The group was a great success and I know some of you have joined up for the 21 Day detox plan and The Insanity plan, so good luck.

I am looking forward to getting home, sleeping in my own bed, going to the gym and I suppose I should say back to my man hee hee !!!

Goodbye booze and rich food, its been fun but this girls on a mission!!

See you in the group my friends, and burpees....I'm coming for ya!!

Stay clean....

T x