Bikini blogger Charlotte Carlton is out and about!

So after a mad two weeks I have finally found time for some well earned relaxation. After new job interviews, MCL 5 Day Challenge, Blackpool visits, fitness events, mad night out & much more it's one of the nicest feelings to be sat on my sofa with not a care in the world this evening. One, two, three and breathe! 

"You have the job". That has to be the highlight of my past two weeks, being told I have a new job, as an assistant relationship manager in a new department. I am positively ready for a new challenge & a change & I am looking forward to meeting new people. This is an ideal opportunity for me and I am very lucky to have been offered the job. This is the start of something new,  a new chapter in my life. 

Doing MC&L has made me much more confident in myself and be a happier person. I have more energy, I feel more focused and ready for new challenges and I feel like a new "Fresh Charlotte". So with all that in mind I decided to apply for the job, had an intense interview and found out the day after that I was successful. 

This was such a surprise to me, however after my weight loss with MC&L, nothing is a surprise as the saying goes "you get out as much as you put in". So it was time to celebrate in style and before anyone laughs we loved it, BLACKPOOL! It was a great weekend. We went camping, had BBQ's, beers (Lee did), we saw a great concert with Peter Kay, Little Mix, West end theatre, Snipers live & the Big Reunion. It was awesome!

So with the weekend done and dusted it was back to Monday and with Mrs Jo Ali away presenting at Club La Santa, Lanzarote, it was time to teacher her street dance class as well as doing the MCL 5 Day Challenge, which was a challenge but was excellent. Class was packed and I was so excited to teach but also feeling nervous. Everyone seemed to be having a great time so I was pleased. The FREE 5 Day Challenge really showed how the MC&L family came together and achieved great results and really kicked everybody back into gear. Getting back on it on the clean eating & workouts was just what we all needed. Thank you Jo & Fern for setting that up for us all and a HUGE well done to everyone for their fantastic results.

With Mrs Ali's return from Lanzarote it was time to head to Big One North fitness event in Sheffield which was run by Chrysalis Promotions. Again another fantastic day full of dance, step, aerobics, HIIT training, Pilates and much more plus it was a great opportunity to see so many friends. All in all it was a brilliant and active day.

Saturday night for me means CHEAT NIGHT... It was finally here so I enjoyed an Italian dinner with Jo & our great friends Sava, Becky and Emma, then it was time to hit the town. Sava and Jo went home as they can’t hack it with us... no they were tired from teaching abroad. After not drinking a large amount for a long time I could only stomach a few drinks and I knew at 3am it was time to go home. So the consequences of the alcohol the following day were: 1, feeling rough, 2, still feeling rough and 3, eating pizza and a sausage sandwich! Hangover food, terrible!!!


Monday has rolled around again and before I know it, it's 4 weeks and 3 days until I head to Dubai, YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. So that is my incentive to get back to eating clean and smashing my HIIT workouts, free weights and cardio.

Have a great week/weekend and I will be back to write to you all soon ...

Keep clean, stay lean :)