Healthy eating for the whole family! Meet our new blogger Ele...

Like you, I'm a real mum.  

I stay at home with Thea, five and Oscar, two. Food has always been important to me and to feed my children, and husband, to the best of my ability and... on a budget!!!
Since starting MC&L, I have made adjustments to how we eat and continue to refine my plans without being obsessive and keep being realistic! I can't fill my cupboard with all the things that I want: bee pollen, coconut oil, moringa powder, chia seeds. But each week I add one to my shopping order.

Keep pushing. Do what you can. Strive.

It really is one step at a time. I'm currently trying to get everyone eating (and making) rye bread. We eat lots of veg and fish and stay away from processed food. I have swapped all the kid’s carbs for wholewheat. We have swapped sugar for agave, tea for hot water and lemon and have a nutribullet veggie smoothie each morning. But each week we eat our homemade pizza and as a family we are happier and healthier for it (apart from Thea who wants more Oreos) and this week it will be made from rye. 

As a mum, you need quick easy to prepare food that doesn't rely on processed food.
My top tips for this are:

1. Change all pasta, bread, noodles and rice for wholewheat for the kids. 
Mine didn't even notice. 

2. Frozen fish
Cod, tuna, mackerel and family favourite plaice, although salmon never seems to be that nice. It’s much cheaper and can be cooked quickly from frozen so no need to think too far ahead or if you get stuck there's always something healthy at hand.

3. Snacks
Change and review regularly, there always seem to be new products so keep finding new ideas and inspiration. It’s great to find pre-packaged things that you can keep in your handbag:

  • Seaweed crisps
  • Oat cakes. For the kids, Nairns do some great ones with dried fruit and even chocolate so they don't feel too deprived! I continuously struggle with my "morals" on some snacks but think as long as I'm trying to get them to eat well most of the time some pre-packaged snacks aren't going to be too bad?!?!? I also don't want them never have a chocolate biscuit but everything in moderation!
  • Popcorn, home-made nothing added.
  • Nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Dried mango is amazing.
  • My dry toasted pumpkin seeds: place half a packet of seeds into a dry frying pan and place ideally a glass lid so you can see what's happening, shaking every few seconds like you would popcorn. They will start popping and turn a darker green. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. They are great sprinkled onto salads or as a guilt free snack with a glass of vino for the adults! They can be mixed with the nut of your choice like flaked almonds, cashews etc. Both my kids cannot get enough of this healthy snack.Try my "oriental chicken salad" with a sprinkling of the seeds on top.

4. Cook a chicken
Cook on a weekend for so many uses; instant salads, lunch, kid’s teas. Plus #boilyourbones for soups and broths. 

5. Tinned beans
Kidney, cannelloni, berlotti, chickpeas and butterbeans. Quick to cook for lunch or instead of any carbs for dinners, dips, stews etc etc etc!!

Just a few ideas that I wanted to share with you, hope you find them useful 
Ele x