New Year New Beginnings ......The City Blogger Returns by Tracey Harding

Yes, it has been a while, serious slacker here so please forgive me but like all of you work and play has got in the way of my healthy living and I have struggled to keep on top of everything, BUT now I am back and raring to go!

 How many times do we all say come January my new year’s resolution is to lose weight and be healthy for my summer holiday?? If you are like me, it is every year, however, having been a keen advocate of MCL for the last couple of years (yes it has been that long now wow) I found the corporate entertaining, whilst good fun, quite hard going on my stomach and general well being.  Clothes were starting to feel a tad snug and I wasn't particularly happy when looking in the mirror! 

It’s not a pretty sight most mornings when alarm goes off at 5.15 but burning candle at both ends led my liver to SCREECHING “enough now Tracey” , so I was soooo looking forward to getting back on track.  Having the MCL group ready for first week of Jan was a bonus! (Especially the extra few days to get us in the right frame of mind before D-Day).

So I am currently in 3D mode:

 1.     DRY JANUARY (Day 25 going strong)

2.     DETOXING (Mission complete)

3.     DETERMINED (still raring to keep clean)

In the City it is pretty easy to be healthy and abstain from alcohol in January as quite a few people start the year in the same vain, but unlike me after a couple of weeks they fall off the wagon….I’m still sitting comfortable on the wagon and whilst I have had a few social occasions in the last week am still not that bothered about a drink….I am sleeping well, am at the gym most days, and am really focussed at work, long may it continue! Just got back from a Vibe event and after 5 hours of vibe usually I would head straight to the bar!  Oh no, not this time…Michelle Hawes can vouch that I was a fizzy water lady all night!  Well done me!

nyhow, let me tell you about the last 3 weeks of the MCL 21 dayer, firstly the group is HUGE and everybody in the group is committed to this. Everybody has their own reasons for joining the group, there are previous inmates and new people in the group.  This helps from a motivational point of view as those of us who have completed the group before know it works and know how it makes you feel so can give the newbie’s tips and reassurance that it is worth it!  The hardest part for all is taking the pics but everyone is in the same boat so let it all hang out I say…it helps keep focus!  I am so excited to see how everybody has done tomorrow as it is our last day and I am incredibly proud of everybody as there has been so much banter this time around too!  I find this helps me get through the day, work gets in the way sometimes! I usually try and catch up on train home at night and I have been known to have around 45 - 50 notifications, mostly from Jackie McLeish giving me abuse!!  It’s not my fault I am faster than her in the fit test after all……..hahaha.  It nearly finished me off though as you can see from my pic! NICE!

o my advice to anyone who is thinking about the MCL I’d say give it a go…..definitely buy the e-book it really helps to give inspiration for meals throughout the week and also post pics of your dinners and own recipes because again it gives the group ideas…..when you are having a bad day, tell the group, there is always someone there to make you feel better and give you a virtual hug, you are all in it together…oh and Day 17 video is quite funny too with Jo and her farting ball (she says it is the ball…hmmm, OK Jo if you say so!).

I have tried a few new recipes this time around including a clean chicken soup and Mandy Panesar chicken sag (sadly I didn't get to eat any of this as Chris polished off the whole lot but I was told it was delicious so I will be trying this again in next few weeks).  The most popular dish for the group seems to have been the breakfast baked muffins, it has taken the great British bake off to a new level…who needs cake when you can have egg muffins!!

This week I have 2 events to attend, so I am planning my meals around these events and have also let them know I have dietary requirements (no potatoes and bread) so will help me keep on track and a bottle of fizzy water will keep me company.  I am determined to stick to my dry January and beyond if I can.

So before I sign off for now, I would like to thank all of my MCL group, Jo and Fern for their support over the last 21 days it has been great! Good luck with your results!  I wish those who are entering “progress” a safe onwards journey and will see you all in big school aka MCL main group…….I will be back in a couple of weeks time still determined, still detoxing, not sure about completely DRY though :)


Keep it clean and lean