City Blogger Tracey Harding meets her hero

Flippin 'eck it's February already....and the first 21 day MCL group of 2015 smashed it! There were some amazing results in the house...One lucky lady hit a stone weight loss! Yes Helen Hazell step forward and take a bow, well done!  My own personal results were pretty darn good too, wait for the drum roll…..I lost 10lbs and 7.5 inches in total...go me! 

It is always sad when a group finishes as you get such close camaraderie and the support factor you just cannot replicate anywhere else...I know a lot of the group went on to Progress together so I am hoping the journey continues in a positive way for the Class of Jan 2015!  Well done ladies am proud of you. 

If you are wanting to jump on the next 21 Day Detox plan the girls have one starting on Monday 16th February. 

So, what else have I been up to in the last 2 weeks, am sure you are all waiting with such anticipation (Jackie, Mel and Michelle) ... Dry January has also ended for me and I can proudly confirm that I went 35 days without a tipple of alcohol.  I sadly fell off the wagon on day 35 pretty spectacularly.  I went out with clients, one bottle led to another, led to another, you know how it is (Mel)…needless to say I felt dreadful the day after so leapt back on the wagon.  I doubt I will give up drink completely but after the way I felt Thursday I'm pretty sure it will be a while before I have a skinful again.  I love my sleep too much and when I drink my sleep pattern is shocking so need some sort of warning light bulb moment to stop me when the 2nd bottle of wine is opened! If only! 

I also attended a football dinner where one of my childhood footy hero's the legend Ian Rush was guest speaker...check out my star struck photo...just managed to grab him before heading off home (he also signed a football for me, it has pride of place now under the spare bed haha).  The detox had finished but it was only day 28 of dry January so luckily for him I was sober and refrained from becoming stalker like !!!  

Whilst I am now currently flying solo on MCL and do not have any banter to get me through I am pleased to report that I am still managing to stick to the MCL eating plan most days..I tend to eat protein and greens based meals, with starchy carbs 2 or 3 times a week and I always drink minimum 3 litres of water a day. I usually fast at least 1 day in week, sometimes 2 and Sunday's if I am at gym.  I am feeling tip top (with exception of Day 36). I have been gym most days either spinning, running, body pump and fightklub as well as incorporating some HIIT training exercises from the plan, loving the burpees hill climbers and planks! Yes I know I am weird.   My energy levels are great and I am still losing weight. However Jackie McLeish has today messaged me with her new PB on timed test, absolutely amazing so I have conceded the challenge as sadly my shoulder is playing up...well, that’s my excuse anyway :) well done my feisty little McLeish of the Yorkshire persuasion you can also take a bow! 

There are so many different plans at present for us all to try and I am tempted to climb on to a Cherish week in February but I am going to be travelling a fair bit over the next few months so it may be hard to plan around it but we shall see. I've had a few messages from friends saying how my motivation and weight loss has spurred them on and that's a great feeling in itself! 

Here is Cherish Yourself plan if you fancy it! 

So whilst not a lot to report from a social butterfly perspective, checking my diary I've got a few black tie events coming up and I have also booked a holiday and I fly in just over 8 weeks time so lots to motivate me to keep going!  

Keep it clean ladies...until next time 

T x