Our fabulous City Blogger Tracey Harding has been on her travels again

Oh flippin 'Eck, it was all going so well and then CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! I have fallen off that pedestal (I put myself on it obviously!) I am so furious with myself...seriously, I blame Jackie McLeish...I was fine until I visited Leeds recently....now it has all gone a bit tits, sorry don't mean to offend but it has, there I admit it!!!!


OK, deep breath, here is a summary of my last couple of weeks, shut your eyes if you don't want to read it....CONFESSION TIME!  It was Bobby...!! Haha, nope here we go:


Everything was rosy after finishing the 21 dayer, 1 blip on the booze AFTER dry Jan done, all going well...sticking to the MCL way, feeling good, still losing weight, toning up and in the right frame of mind, sleeping well, focused at work, life is good.  With me so far? Ok, I will continue..


"The week before last I visited Leeds on business for 2 days and had arranged to attend Jo's Zumba class with Jackie and Mel as a surprise. It was great to finally meet Mamma Mac as most people know her and catch up with the lovely ladylike Mel. It was also lovely to meet a few other MCL ladies albeit briefly as well as having a proper catch up after class for a lovely fairly healthy Thai meal. No booze for Mel and I and no pud for Jackie I hasten to add. It was also great to see the shock on Jo's face when we rocked up doing a shimmy in her class, those ladies can zumbaaaaa!!

Zumba class with Jackie, Jenna, myself, Mel and Jo xx

My clean meal at Sukotai in Chapel Allerton...

Troublesome threesome! Mel, Mamma Mac and Me! 


What happens next I cannot comprehend, it must be the water in Leeds or Jackie McLeish put something in her lemon drizzle loaf (that was amazing). I woke up the next day and from that night on I could not stop eating sweet things...it is ridiculous how much I have craved sweet things in the last week...!!!


Usually it is the booze, but to be honest I am still being relatively good there, but I have had biscuitgate, (custard creams and digestives), pancakegate, sticky toffee pudding gate and recently on Sunday pick n mix gate!!! What on earth is that all about... Get a grip Harding!!!


I have had the pleasure of dining at the Ivy and Rules in Covent Garden over the last week too and whilst I tried to have "healthier" options, you don't get to visit these places every day so I did indulge with traditional shepherds pie, lamb with haggis bubble n squeak (amazing) and a few glasses of wine, but now I'm ready to get back on track again!


I am not going to lie, it's been a pretty mad 10 days, but on the positive side, I have been starting the day with hot water and lemon, I've been drinking minimum of 3 litres a day, I have fasted twice a week and I've been at the gym working out including some HIIT, so on the whole I shouldn't be too hard on myself but if I don't reel it in now I will spiral way out of control and all the hard work I did in January will go to rack and ruin.  That's not what I want so I am determined to put the last 10 days behind me and look forward. I can't change the past but I can draw a line under it and get back on it. I have done it before and I will do it again.  It's all about balance and now I know when I have had too much of a good thing, my tummy also knows if you get my drift..so whilst I have my Positive Mental Attitude I prepped quinoa kedgeree for lunch, and planned the next weeks meals, albeit I have a wine tasting on Weds evening...and yes Jackie McLeish I know I am suppose to spit it out and not "guzzle" it,  let's see if I can do just that....wish me luck!!!


Stay clean...until next time