How's our new mummy blogger getting on?

MCL MAMA - day 7

Quick round up of week:
Pounds lost in weight = 5
Pounds saved in my purse = 20
New foods tried = 4
Poorly babies = 1

Like clockwork on day 1 of the new regime my daughter Pearl started with a cold. Three visits to the doctors and a week of sleepless nights later she still has a cough that sounds like she smokes 40 a day! Well it's like my Mum says these things are sent to test us! To cheer myself up I decided to visit Meadowhall and treat myself. Not sure about the other mums out there but I am now incapable of buying anything for myself! A handful of bags containing baby clothes, toys and books later I did allow myself one purchase… a belly top!!! I have a 4 month old baby what the hell was I thinking??!! (I blame the sleepless nights) I am planning a night out in Leeds at the end of the month and in my mind this and a mini skirt is the ideal outfit!!! I must be crazy!!!

Anyway back to the matter at hand my husband had joked recently that from our bank statements it would appear that my maternity leave is a local tour of cafes and tea rooms. I argued my case (where else can you feed a baby?) but found myself this week to be agreeing with him. The lack of caffeine was initially hell; could I get away with having a sip of my friends coffee when she was at the baby change??!! After day 4 (and cafe visit number 3!) however I was over the craving. I cheerfully requested a fruit tea and sauntered past the freshly baked goodies! Don't get me wrong I would still love a good cuppa and slice of cake but I was starting to see and feel the results. I had a pleasant surprise at the supermarket when doing the weekly shop (who says buying fresh and organic is more expensive), the scales were backing up how I felt in my clothes, I had tried and liked new foods and am beginning to feel like my old self. All I need now is for my daughter to get rid of her nasty cough and please girls help me out no cafe visits this week!

Faye & Pearl