Say hello to our new MAMA blogger...

Hello everyone and especially all you new yummy mummies out there!
I am MCL's newest blogger and have just started the MAMA postnatal programme. I couldn't actually believe how fantastic I felt after after only day 1 (this may just have been the excitement of doing something for myself for the first time in 17 weeks!!!) I am a first time mum and gave birth to my daughter Pearl on Halloween.

My pregnancy was relatively problem free and I managed to stay reasonably active throughout - particularly when racing for a freshly baked scone to satisfy the sweet tooth I developed! Despite my new found scone addiction I gained around 2 1/2 stone (not too bad I thought) and through birth and breastfeeding have lost almost 2 stone.

After speaking to my lovely friend Jenna I have turned to the Mission Clean & Lean ladies to help me with these last stubborn 10 pounds but more importantly develop healthy eating habits and extend my comfort when approaching new foods. Until I fell pregnant I had been a vegetarian for over 20 years and a terrible fussy eater.

I am beginning to turn my mind to the up and coming weaning of Pearl and would hate her to pick up any of my crazy culinary habits! I am determined over the next 21 days to experiment with the ingredients and dishes on each menu and finish the course healthier with a new passion for food! 

Faye & Pearl xx