Trying new things - belly tops & avocado!

Day 21 - the finish line!!! 

Weight loss this week = 3lb
New foods tried = 2
Happy mummies = 1

What a difference 3 weeks makes! I started the MAMA program feeling relatively happy about my weight but realised I was slipping into poor eating habits relying on sugar and caffeine to get me through the day! Now 3 weeks in I can honestly say I feel I have stopped the rot, made some simple tweaks to my diet and feel happier and energised as a result. With a total loss of 9.5lb I am now only 0.5lb away from my pre baby weight! My body and my clothes however do not agree with the scales... NOT FAIR!!! I will continue to eat clean and hit the gym but when I look at Pearl my little spare tyre and wobbly thighs no longer seem that important!

To celebrate my post baby and post program body I plucked up the courage to wear the dreaded belly top! I always think this to myself but why as women do we always focus upon the slightest imperfections and lack the confidence to hold our head up high and wear whatever the hell we want? As I looked around the Leeds bars I saw a wide range of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes with the confidence to wear what they wanted and feel fabulous! Note to self Faye you are 30 and a Mummy but you can still wear whatever the hell you want!

I wanted to leave the last entry about my little Pearl. We have started weaning her this week and if it was possible I fell in love with her even more. Shockingly I have to admit that in the last 3 weeks I have tried butternut squash, avocado and pears for the first time. Pearl has already happily munched through these and many more. She truly puts her Mummy to shame! 

Faye & Pearl