Our City Blogger Tracey Harding with her Easter Update

Yes it's been a while since my last blog and I am currently writing this for you mid flight where I am heading for a bit of sunshine for next 7 days and I am so ready for it...


I started writing a blog over the Easter weekend but didn't want to finish or post it for fear of depressing everyone. I've had a rotten flu virus that has lasted over 2 weeks and am finally coming out the other side, am slightly anemic and basically have been seriously rundown.


When I look back over March I can probably understand why, I have traveled the UK, worked 13 hour days, attended many corporate functions with late nights and been going gym so my body hasn't had much time to rest and recover. Hmmm time to re-evaluate.


End of March/1st April is a very busy time of year for us, many businesses financial year ends and starts and so they tend to insure their business to coincide and we like to ensure that our first quarter of the year we start on a high so it is all hands to the deck, so as well as travelling our offices carrying out other responsibilities, the day job in London has been running alongside it...I'm pooped!


Like all of us that travel with our job and entertain clients it can be hard to make healthy choices depending on restaurant options and I do try to have them when I can but at some of the events i.e a black tie do it is a set meal and after quaffing loads of wine I need something to line the stomach!! 



Don't get me wrong it isn't all doom and gloom, mid March saw me attending the annual IFS fitness weekend in Blackpool and it was a great weekend, we stayed in a hotel where I think most of us had actually completed a 21 day MCL programme. So many friends have been made via MCL and we now see each other regularly. We even persuaded McLeish to join us for 2 days, she is converted and will be with us for the whole weekend next year I reckon...Mel and I got smashed as per.....standard!!! All in all a great time was had

So whilst I've been feeling rough as a badgers Rs....I have been keeping up to date with all the posts on the group and Claire Duffy, Sarah Abbott and Helen Hazell are smashing it with all their positive updates keeping us all motivated with lovely delicious dishes to try and now I've found my appetite again I have tried a few Kitchen Shed clean meals, the chicken Bhuna and Turkey bolognese are good, and I got to use my new zoodle chef.


There also seems to be a new craze hit the MCLers ...Cherry Bakewell protein shake...I do love a Belgian chocolate PHD shake for brekkie, am not a big fan of smoothies so tend to have these a couple,of,times a week instead, have to say now I have tried this new flavour, I am not converted so it is back to Belgian choc for me. Chris not overly impressed either!



I've come back to my blog a few days into the holiday where I am feeling a lot more relaxed and back to feeling a lot more human....this place is so tranquil and just what I have needed to get back to 100% strength. I am eating pretty clean too with fizz thrown in obviously and a few cocktails, after all,that is what holidays are for. It is all about balance, whatever we do and whatever our goals are in life, we need a balance, I sometimes forget that bit!!! 



So on that note, I am signing off as City Blogger for now, but will pop up in groups with banter a plenty, there are so many great options available to all, whether we need a 21 day to get us fully in the zone or alternatively a quick 5 or 7 day plan with new workouts to try. Something for everyone I reckon. It's all good.