I went for my third 5 mile run at 6am this week and I won’t lie – I am shattered. I do feel fabulous for getting my exercise done whilst the rest of the household is still rising from sleep but the 5:35 alarm clock certainly takes its toll by the end of the week. I also find I am absolutely starving after a morning run as I don’t get to eat straight after – it’s usually a good couple of hours on. I have a big glass of coconut water when I get in which keeps me going for a while but come 9 o’ clock, I am usually craving a bacon butty! I try and have a protein breakfast towards the end of the week to ensure my body is recovering and my muscles (they’re in there somewhere!) are repairing.

For me that usually means eggs – poached, scrambled or an omelette or some quinoa porridge. I fancied something sweet today but not porridge so I gave these amazing pancakes a whirl. I’d seen them on numerous training websites and the big draw is the 2 ingredient recipe. What could be easier than mushing up a couple of eggs and bananas and throwing them in a pan?! These banana pancakes should be shared far and wide amongst all your friends and family because they’re divine. You can tweak the recipe by adding cinnamon or vanilla essence or, as I did with mine: a spoonful of linseed, goji berry and chia seed mix for an added bite.

I honestly think once you have tried these you’ll want to share them with everyone - packed with protein, throw you a sweet hit, fill you up beautifully and  make you feel like you’ve had a big naughty pancake breakfast when it is actually CLEAN!! 


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 bananas


1.Mash bananas with fork

2.       Beat eggs in separate bowl

3.       Combine ingredients

4.       Add any tweaky ingredients of your choice

5.       Grease a pan with some coconut oil or rapeseed oil and heat on medium heat

6.       Ladle a spoonful of mixture into the pan and allow to cook for approx.  1½  minutes

7.       Flip over and cook for a further 30 seconds-1 minute – keep an eye on them as the second side cooks very quickly

8.       Serve with berries or a drizzle of agave nectar if you fancy or dust over some Palmyra jaggery from Conscious Foods if you’ve managed to get hold of any (can’t recommend it highly enough!)