Do you get that new term, new pencil case, re-motivated kind of a feeling when September rolls around? We do and we think the best way to focus that new season surge of energy is with a fitness challenge to get back in the zone after the summer. This year's free 5 DAY CHALLENGE kicked off on the 7th and attracted almost 700 people, we were thrilled that our brave members invited friends, family and colleagues to take part for extra support and accountability. We listened to your exercise requests and Jo filmed five high energy workouts on location in sunny Lanzarote, including MCL favourites HIIT and RUSH training plus a low impact workout to suit all abilities. We also added in some newbies: weight training (with burpees obviously) and a lovely Pilates routine to music - we’ve got to admit they were all hardcore! We devised a balanced 5 day meal planner incorporating green smoothies, plenty of muscle building protein, starchy carbs for energy and seasonal vegetables and fruits.  

We welcomed lots of new faces and our group were on a mission sharing meal ideas and offering encouragement - exactly what makes the MCL family so special. For added motivation we ran five competitions and were overrun with fantastic photos. Congratulations to our well deserved winners -  your vests, hoodies, eBooks and gift vouchers are on their way. 

We had so many brilliant entries we just had to add a few runner-up prizes too! 

When Saturday arrived the feedback came flooding in: 

"This 5 day challenge has reminded me of all the other plans I've bought into over the last 2 years and the reasons why I do. Thanks Jo and Fern for the gruelling exercises, food tips and of course this freebie PS I've lost 9lbs and 5 inch... happy, happy, happy!"

"All in all a really positive 5 days for way more reasons than just a number on a scale. Thank you Jo & Fern you've worked your magic again!" 

"2.5kgs down but most amazingly I'm living without coffee! Definitely want to keep this up as much as possible, loved the workouts and seeing everyone's food ideas"

"Well I got through my week having tried different combinations of food and have to admit I have enjoyed it! I don't feel bloated my skin feels clear and I generally feel better for it! Oh and I've lost 4lbs"

"I've absolutely loved this and all of you lot are so fab! So far I've lost 6lb but I'm hoping weighing tomorrow morning may be another one off! I impressed myself making home made guacamole and my first taste of halloumi! MCL ROCKS!"

The challenge ended on a high as we opened the brand new MCL VIP CLUB, a private members club for all of you who want to continue on your journey of clean eating and fitness. Membership costs just £5 per month and is open to everybody, just contact us for more info. 

A HUGE WELL DONE to everyone who took part - you smashed it! 
Until next year...