Faye & Pearl

Trying new things - belly tops & avocado!

Day 21 - the finish line!!! 

Weight loss this week = 3lb
New foods tried = 2
Happy mummies = 1

What a difference 3 weeks makes! I started the MAMA program feeling relatively happy about my weight but realised I was slipping into poor eating habits relying on sugar and caffeine to get me through the day! Now 3 weeks in I can honestly say I feel I have stopped the rot, made some simple tweaks to my diet and feel happier and energised as a result. With a total loss of 9.5lb I am now only 0.5lb away from my pre baby weight! My body and my clothes however do not agree with the scales... NOT FAIR!!! I will continue to eat clean and hit the gym but when I look at Pearl my little spare tyre and wobbly thighs no longer seem that important!

To celebrate my post baby and post program body I plucked up the courage to wear the dreaded belly top! I always think this to myself but why as women do we always focus upon the slightest imperfections and lack the confidence to hold our head up high and wear whatever the hell we want? As I looked around the Leeds bars I saw a wide range of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes with the confidence to wear what they wanted and feel fabulous! Note to self Faye you are 30 and a Mummy but you can still wear whatever the hell you want!

I wanted to leave the last entry about my little Pearl. We have started weaning her this week and if it was possible I fell in love with her even more. Shockingly I have to admit that in the last 3 weeks I have tried butternut squash, avocado and pears for the first time. Pearl has already happily munched through these and many more. She truly puts her Mummy to shame! 

Faye & Pearl 

Faye & Pearl's week 2 roundup

Pounds lost - 1.5
Inches lost - 5
Poorly babies - 0

What an exciting week! To celebrate feeling better Pearl decided to perform an acrobatic display of rolls across my living room and scare me half to death! I'm sure I left you on your play mat 10 seconds ago but you are now halfway into the hallway??!! Scary! You have no such trouble finding me as this week as I have succumbed to the dreaded post-pregnancy hair loss! I got to 19 weeks and thought I had managed to avoid this nightmare! Hansel and Gretel left a trail of breadcrumbs to trace their steps I leave a follicle footpath behind me!

Spring finally sprung this week (well for a couple of days anyway!) so I managed to get into the garden and start planting my veg patch. We are lucky enough to have a large garden and had a raised planting area built last year. With pregnancy craziness and getting the house sorted I neglected my patch last year but I'm determined this will be a successful maternity leave project and something Pearl and I can enjoy in years to come.

Another success of the MAMA program has been breaking my supermarket habit! The village where I live has a large superstore that is difficult to avoid. My weekly shop quickly turned into twice weekly with a few £30 shopping baskets thrown in for good measure (why is it impossible to just go in and buy milk??!!) This week I can proudly say I have not set foot into a supermarket! All my shopping was done with a quick trip to the local butcher, a visit to the fruit and veg market and milk and eggs from a farm shop! Certainly when I'm back at work the convenience of the supermarket will come calling but for now I'm sticking to supporting these local shops, saving money and enjoying extra freshness in my food!

Can't believe we are into the final week. I cannot wait to see what my final results will be and whether or not I manage to wear the dreaded belly top!!!

Faye & Pearl

How's our new mummy blogger getting on?

MCL MAMA - day 7

Quick round up of week:
Pounds lost in weight = 5
Pounds saved in my purse = 20
New foods tried = 4
Poorly babies = 1

Like clockwork on day 1 of the new regime my daughter Pearl started with a cold. Three visits to the doctors and a week of sleepless nights later she still has a cough that sounds like she smokes 40 a day! Well it's like my Mum says these things are sent to test us! To cheer myself up I decided to visit Meadowhall and treat myself. Not sure about the other mums out there but I am now incapable of buying anything for myself! A handful of bags containing baby clothes, toys and books later I did allow myself one purchase… a belly top!!! I have a 4 month old baby what the hell was I thinking??!! (I blame the sleepless nights) I am planning a night out in Leeds at the end of the month and in my mind this and a mini skirt is the ideal outfit!!! I must be crazy!!!

Anyway back to the matter at hand my husband had joked recently that from our bank statements it would appear that my maternity leave is a local tour of cafes and tea rooms. I argued my case (where else can you feed a baby?) but found myself this week to be agreeing with him. The lack of caffeine was initially hell; could I get away with having a sip of my friends coffee when she was at the baby change??!! After day 4 (and cafe visit number 3!) however I was over the craving. I cheerfully requested a fruit tea and sauntered past the freshly baked goodies! Don't get me wrong I would still love a good cuppa and slice of cake but I was starting to see and feel the results. I had a pleasant surprise at the supermarket when doing the weekly shop (who says buying fresh and organic is more expensive), the scales were backing up how I felt in my clothes, I had tried and liked new foods and am beginning to feel like my old self. All I need now is for my daughter to get rid of her nasty cough and please girls help me out no cafe visits this week!

Faye & Pearl 

Say hello to our new MAMA blogger...

Hello everyone and especially all you new yummy mummies out there!
I am MCL's newest blogger and have just started the MAMA postnatal programme. I couldn't actually believe how fantastic I felt after after only day 1 (this may just have been the excitement of doing something for myself for the first time in 17 weeks!!!) I am a first time mum and gave birth to my daughter Pearl on Halloween.

My pregnancy was relatively problem free and I managed to stay reasonably active throughout - particularly when racing for a freshly baked scone to satisfy the sweet tooth I developed! Despite my new found scone addiction I gained around 2 1/2 stone (not too bad I thought) and through birth and breastfeeding have lost almost 2 stone.

After speaking to my lovely friend Jenna I have turned to the Mission Clean & Lean ladies to help me with these last stubborn 10 pounds but more importantly develop healthy eating habits and extend my comfort when approaching new foods. Until I fell pregnant I had been a vegetarian for over 20 years and a terrible fussy eater.

I am beginning to turn my mind to the up and coming weaning of Pearl and would hate her to pick up any of my crazy culinary habits! I am determined over the next 21 days to experiment with the ingredients and dishes on each menu and finish the course healthier with a new passion for food! 

Faye & Pearl xx