Jo Telfer is a bride to be on a mission! Still on maternity leave with her two children under two she is helping her fiancé expand his business before she returns to her demanding job in banking. Not only is she juggling work and children, she has a beautiful overseas wedding in Croatia to organise! At least something can be ticked off the list – her dream wedding dresses have already been chosen, paid for and safely stored at her mum's. Just one thing... they don’t quite fit yet!

Back to back pregnancies had really taken their toll on Jo’s once slim and slender frame and in the space of two years she had gained just under six stone. With two babies Jo had no time to cook or to exercise, never mind attempt the gym, so she lived off convenience food and practically no sleep. When she found her dream wedding dresses in a closing down sale she couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity and she bought them, yes both! One for overseas and one for her church blessing back home in the UK! The size 10 gowns were both too stunning to leave on the rail even if they were a tad small; Jo was still wearing her size 14 maternity clothes. The dresses were safely stored away and put to the back of her mind but as 2012 drew to a close the wedding was suddenly looming closer! Jo felt desperate and asked her fiancé, family and friends what she could do to lose the remainder of her baby weight and feel like her old confident self again. She’d come a long way but the final stones were proving stubborn to shift and there was a mountain to climb to get into the size 10 dresses.

Whilst out one day with her school friends one of them couldn’t stop raving about Mission Clean & Lean, an online detox plan which had taught her a new way of eating, boosted her energy levels and fitness and completely changed her body shape. For a one off payment of £49 members receive daily meal plans, 10 minute home workouts, clean eating recipes and 24 hour contact and support. Mentors say it is possible for everybody, no matter how busy, to follow the simple guidelines, eat healthy nutritious food and fit two 10 minute High Intensity Interval Training workouts in to your day, for stunning results!

In January 2013 Jo took the plunge and signed up for a 21 Day Detox. Once in the secret group she was immediately impressed by how quickly the group gelled: “It was amazing how quickly we all bonded. The first couple of days were hard as I’d been surviving on copious amounts of dilute juice and anything that I could get my hands on that was quick and convenient, from wedges of cheese to bite size chocolate bars and family bags of crisps (the full pack of 6!) After the caffeine and sugar withdrawals gradually disappeared over a couple of days it was amazing how quickly the energy came. Some days I was ready to give in but the group support and encouragement is all that’s needed to pick yourself back up and push on. My hair, skin and nails all looked fantastic. The daily workouts were great stress relief and just making twenty minutes for myself was really empowering. I was sleeping better (when the babies let me!) waking up refreshed and ready for whatever the day would throw at me!”

In the 21 days Jo lost 12 lbs. and 9 inches. She was so thrilled with her results that she signed up for the progress plan which reintroduces foods gradually so you can integrate ‘clean eating’ into your life for the long term.

Three months after starting Mission Clean & Lean Jo has lost 22 lbs and a staggering 22 inches, seven of which are from her waist. Wedding planning is in full swing and Jo’s Croatian based wedding planner is turning her and fiancé Dave’s dreams into reality. They’re currently choosing the reception venue and finalising the type of boat their guests will transported on to the tiny island they‘ve chosen for their wedding breakfast. Not to mention: colour schemes, flowers, favours, their UK party which will be held when returning from their stunning destination wedding and of course their honeymoon. Will it be French Polynesia or the Indian Ocean? Decisions decisions…

The beautiful ivory dresses still don’t quite fasten but Jo says: “I know I’ll get there with Mission Clean & Lean - the programme works 100%. It’s simple - food that nourishes your body, highly effective workouts that you can realistically make time for and changing the attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. The plan actually advocates a cheat meal every week to keep cravings at bay and keep your metabolism revved up, so I can enjoy a meal out or a glass of prosecco at the weekend which keeps me sane!”

Mentors Jo Parry and Fern Whittaker develop fantastic relationships with their members and are completely committed to helping them achieve their goals. Jo Parry says: “It’s not just about the 21 Day Detox; it’s a much longer term journey. People like to feel part of something and to work in a team and feel accountable and responsible for others means you put yourself under your own positive pressure to get results and maintain them. The whole experience for our members is extremely empowering as well as having huge health benefits.”