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"So how has MCL helped me? That's what we all want to know isn't it? Products/diets/fitness programmes all have to be justified before release but the proof is really in what other people who've trialled it truly think.
I am past my half century in age but feel much younger in mind and spirit and physically too. My emotional relationship with food has previously been stunted at age 15 when I battled with an eating disorder. This doesn't go away in your head but with age and the unforgiving nature of the menopause you find yourself catapulted between the two mindsets of “must be perfect” against “oh it's an age thing and out of my control (oh and I deserve this glass of wine!”) Anyway the result was me with residual head issues plus a body that I'd never had before, lack of oestrogen, advancing years and ineffective exercise regime which all takes its toll.
So I heard about MCL, thought I will give it a go and so I did, 21 Day Detox off we go. Control was given up to someone else for a change. It was really easy for three days and really hard for 18! I missed cappuccinos, porridge, jelly sweets, wine and cups of tea which I normally drink copious amounts of. However you get a lot of support from Jo and Fern and the members in the group too. I dropped about 7 lbs and felt great - skin/hair/energy! Loved it!
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But then it's back to normal after 21 days. That's usually when we would slide back into old habits but somehow it doesn't happen with this eating plan. My first cappuccino wasn't as great as I remembered it and I drink black coffee now through choice and fruit tea instead of normal tea (which makes me feel sluggish and leaves a funny taste in my mouth now.) I learned that whilst not intolerant of gluten my body tends to bloat and when I avoid it I feel better. I learned that if I indulged there is a simple system of clean eating which actually your body craves rather than carbs/sugar. Apply it and quickly you feel better.
I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and yet I never really applied it consistently .I didn't understand how certain foods affected me. Previously I would skip meals which obviously is not beneficial to health or to aid weight loss.
I was going to a gym but unfortunately was stuck in a routine so the short bursts of planned exercise kick started my metabolism and my motivation.
Now I eat regular meals at regular times. I don't crave sugar or caffeine anywhere near as much either. I still love my wine and cheese but moderation is a new habit that develops from this plan. The long term benefits are therefore so much more effective and clean eating doesn't have to be boring! A wonderful way to fuel your body with a realistic fitness regime and super support network. Thank you MCL!"