When women complete one of our plans the overwhelming feedback we hear again and again is, “I feel like myself again!” By regaining control of your health and wellbeing you rediscover lost confidence, and who needs a boost more than exhausted and time-starved new mums?


This is not a detox but a structured 21 day healthy eating and exercise plan for women from 6 weeks postnatal created in conjunction with the UK’s top nutrition and fitness experts. The demands of pregnancy and birth are likely to have left you short of nutrients and a balanced diet is vital to give you the energy to care for your new baby, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. We have devised clean eating meal plans which ensure optimum nutrition for breastfeeding with delicious quick meals, snacks and smoothies. We eliminate caffeine, sugar and processed foods.

MC&L mentor Fern Whittaker says, “I had my two babies 19 months apart and fell into the sugar and caffeine cycle to deal with the exhaustion but this actually added to the tiredness and caused me to store fat. It's easy to fool yourself into thinking it's OK to eat cake and takeaways and drink gallons of tea. You use convenience, tiredness and 'extra breastfeeding calories' as excuses but the reality is that the pounds soon pile on, and at a time when your body confidence is already at an all-time low it's easy to get into a downwards spiral. This plan is in no way designed to restrict calories, we actually encourage regular snacking throughout the day and have some brilliantly surprising ideas for alternative healthy snacks. We want to remind mums to be kind to themselves whilst doing the amazing job of nurturing their little one.”

Recommended by the experts

Ursula Philpot, Dietetics and Consultant Dietician for Channel 4 television's Supersize vs Superskinny.

'This is a balanced highly nutritious programme for new mums looking to shape up.'

After the stress on the body of giving birth, safe and gentle exercise will go a long way to improve your overall wellbeing. Cherry Baker is one of the UK’s top pre and postnatal fitness teachers and has created our Pilates strengthening and toning regime with a focus on pelvic floor and core muscles. Once you are ready to progress we step up the intensity keeping impact low but effectively targeting the areas you want to tone with compound exercises. If you feel ready, you can start after your 6 week doctor's check. 

Please watch our video to find out more and learn how to perform your own rec check: 

The 21 days costs £56. You will be in an online group with other new mums and benefit from 24 hour advice, support and motivation. You can sign up here to join our plan that starts the first Monday of every calendar month. Contact fern@missioncleanlean.com or jo@missioncleanlean.com for more information. 

 Lee'ann Kaufman, mum to Elsie (9 weeks):
"In general, I am feeling absolutely great - so, so, so much happier, focused and more energised than I was when I started MC&L Mama. The food choice was great - I totally didn't feel like I was missing out as there was always a nice meal ahead to look forward to and lovely snacks to keep me going. Thanks to you I have really gained control of my eating habits again and broken the bad habits I picked up in the last months of pregnancy and after she was born (scoffing what I wanted, when I wanted!) Thankfully, you've helped to lift me out of that!"