"Weight and body image have been long standing issues for me since my late teens. I yo-yoed my way through my twenties, always either on a diet or the rebound from one. I would do brilliantly for a week or two and then old habits would creep back and I would end up heavier than when I started the fortnight before. After having my first child just before I turned 30, I found that I was now justifying all of the bad choices that I was making; the inevitable lack of sleep justified the endless supply of sweet, milky coffees, the lack of energy justified ordering in takeaways rather than cooking a meal and running after a toddler was all the exercise that I needed, right?
It was only as I neared the end of my second pregnancy that, after almost 9 months of eating what I wanted ‘because the baby wanted it’, that I actually couldn’t wait to try and get some balance back. I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle not just for me, but for my young family as well. A friend recommended MCL to me after his partner saw great success on the program. She was much happier and healthier and had made great friends along the way. The biggest sell for me was the support that she received, especially from Jo and Fern. I had my son in December 2014 and signed up to the MCL Mama program as a ‘push present’ to myself. That decision remains one of the best things that I have done for myself in years.
The shopping list on the program is vast and with a little imagination, it was very easy to cook amazing meals for the whole family, which just so happened to be MCL friendly. There is constant inspiration for meal ideas from the eBooks, daily meal suggestions, other members in the group and the wider MCL community. There is also always someone there to push you on that little bit harder when you feel that your mojo has dropped off a bit… Everyone wants a day off at some point and it’s very easy to turn a bad meal into a bad day or bad week. The MCL community very much has a feel of all being in together and it’s that team spirit which makes the difference.
I saw amazing results in the Mama group and more than anything else, found that it gave me back control. The program forces you to think about what you are putting into your body and smashes misconceptions about what your body needs to function efficiently. After five days, I felt amazing and by the end of the three weeks, felt like a new woman. I would say ‘the old me’ but honestly, I don’t remember feeling this good since being a teenager. I have since gone on to do a full 21 Day Detox and at the end of that program, weighed the least that I have weighed in over a decade.
As a working mum, I have found MCL surprisingly easy to incorporate into everyday life. I cook meals for the whole family and tweak them ever so slightly for me if need be. I plan the week’s meals ahead which is not only cheaper, it also means that I don’t race home after work with no plan for dinner and order in food as a quick fix which would not only cost a bomb, it would make us all feel sluggish. I struggle to get to the gym regularly which pre-MCL would mean that I would get in, have dinner and sit in front of the TV for a few hours before bed. I now have an exercise bike at home which I go on in the evenings whilst catching up with TV (multi-tasking at its best!) I also now practice yoga regularly and this is a direct result of the positive effect from the affirmations on the program.
MCL is a way of life rather than a quick fix and for me, the weight loss and positive body changes are close runners up to the physical and mental health changes that I have seen. I still have the occasional wobble but when I do, I go back to basics using the tools that MCL has equipped me with. I am now more than 3 stone lighter than when I started my first program and whilst I still have a little way to go to get to my end goal, I can finally say that it is a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. I can’t thank Jo and Fern (and the other members of the MCL family) enough for what they have done for me. See you on the next detox!"