SPRING CLEAN '18 : 7 Day Wellness Plan


SPRING CLEAN '18 : 7 Day Wellness Plan

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Fed up of the winter and ready for change? 
Spring is finally in the air and to celebrate we're running this special 7 day wellness plan. 

A week is all it takes to get back on track with your eating, exercise and motivation levels and this plan will take you back to MCL basics and spur you into action for the season ahead - bring on those summer vibes!

As well as daily meal plans, inspiration and round the clock motivation you get 7 HIIT workouts which will:

  • speed up your metabolism and burn fat
  • release endorphins and help you think more clearly
  • increase energy levels and improve sleep patterns

We're offering this plan at the amazing introductory price of JUST £22! Commit, focus and achieve results as a team with our unique group support. Don't delay, just click the link to sign up and be added to our friendly Facebook group. 

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